Kristi Noem triggers libs when revealing her ‘almost 2-year-old’ granddaughter has shotgun, rifle

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem triggered a conniption among leftists this Friday when she revealed that even her 1-year-old granddaughter already has a shotgun and rifle.

Noem was speaking at the National Rifle Association’s Leadership Forum in Indianapolis when she decided to open up about her family.

“Can you believe I’m a grandma? Not just once either, but twice. For those of you with grandchildren, you know, they are why we get up each day and continue to fight for our values,” she said.

Little Miss Addie and Branch have brought us so much joy. And Miss Addie, who is almost 2 years old, already has both a shotgun and a rifle! Welcome to South Dakota,” she added.


Cue massive, unhinged reactions from the left. Indeed, to hear them tell it, the fact that Noem’s granddaughter was gifted a rifle proves the governor is the “real” groomer.


America must have a lot of gun fans, however, because these criticisms were matched by a flood of supportive posts defending Noem.

“In the rural county north of me where I’ve gone to provide therapy in the past, most kids have their own shotguns by the time they’re 3. So small, they ride sheep in the rodeos. I felt safer there than any other location where I traveled—they grew up well-trained & responsible,” one supporter wrote.

See more supportive tweets below:

Noem is no stranger to gun-related controversies. She unintentionally sparked controversy last year after her staff gifted her a flame thrower for Christmas.

“Scoop: Gov. @KristiNoem now owns her own flamethrower, a Christmas gift from her staff,” RealClearNews’ Philip Melanchthon Wegmann reported at the time.

“Two years ago, @KristiNoem fired off a flamethrower, joking is it ‘too late to add something to my Christmas list?’ Her staff pulled together and bought her one this year,” he added.

Not surprisingly, this too prompted backlash.


Vivek Saxena


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