Lara Trump FLIPS the script on rude podcast viewer over who’s the ‘stupid’ one

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump flipped the script on a rude podcast viewer who insulted her, turning the awkward moment into a thorough dismantling of the Democratic party.

Former President Donald J. Trump’s daughter-in-law was taking questions on a recent edition of “The Right View with Lara Trump” when an audience member asked, “Is Lara Trump as stupid as she appears to be?”

Trump wasn’t knocked off track by the question and delivered a perfect answer without missing a beat.

“Oh, This is a nice one, ‘Is Lara Trump as stupid as she appears to be?” What is it that—that’s stupid? Let me ask you that, sir or ma’am. I am—again, I say this all the time, I’m just giving you information and the facts,” said Trump, who is married to the presumptive GOP nominee’s son Eric Trump.

“What is stupid is voting for a party that hates you and hates this country. What’s stupid is voting for a party that ultimately wants the destruction of America and I assume you are one of those people,” she continued. “Nothing stupid over here. I’ve actually done my research, I actually have the real information, I am actually not influenced by emotion but cold, hard facts.”

“You may want to get on that bandwagon because I’ll tell you what, it’s all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows now, but if something happens, you’re going to look back and you’re going to say, ‘Man, I bet Lara Trump was right. I should’ve listened to her,'” she concluded.

Trump’s response didn’t go over well that the haters on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“He showed us a whole lot that we didn’t know was going on — within the media, within Washington, D.C. He exposed a lot of people. So they have to do everything they can to keep him out of that White House ’cause they know Donald Trump gets in for four more years, the jig is up for them. The gloves are off. There are no holds barred here. He is going full-throttle. He’s not worried about winning another election. It’s four years of scorched earth when Donald Trump retakes the White House,” Trump said during a recent event.

“I am honored to accept the role of RNC Co-Chair and grateful to the members of the RNC for this incredible opportunity. As Co-Chair, I will be laser-focused on protecting our elections, ensuring that the RNC’s money is spent with maximum impact, and building out key capabilities to ensure that we win close races on the margins. Everything I do at this committee will have one focus: re-electing Donald Trump, flipping the Senate, and expanding the House this November,” Trump said last month after she was elected as RNC co-chair, part of the new team to clean up Ronna McDaniels’ mess.

Chris Donaldson


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