Lauren Boebert’s Dem opponent runs up white flag of surrender after leftists prematurely danced on her political grave

Republicans may not have been the beneficiaries of the great “red wave” that many were predicting in the midterm elections but they did manage to accomplish one major objective in winning control of the House of Representatives by prying the speaker’s gavel out of Nancy Pelosi’s claws and to add to the left’s woes, Rep. Lauren Boebert has now been reelected.

The fiery Colorado congresswoman ended up in a dogfight with her opponent Adam Frisch but now looks to join the new GOP majority after he ran up the white flag of surrender, a stinging defeat for Democrats and Twitter trolls who now have to choke down a good-sized helping of crow after prematurely doing a victory dance on Boebert’s political grave.

While the media is dragging their feet on announcing the results in the hope that a recount could prevent her from winning, Frisch has already given up the ghost.

“Adam Frisch called me to concede this race,” Boebert tweeted on Friday. “I look forward to getting past election season and focusing on conservative governance in the House majority. Time to get to work!”

The contest was headed to a recount but Frisch instead chose to bow out.

According to Politico: “’There’s never been a more humbling moment in my life,’ Frisch said in a speech broadcast on Facebook, thanking his supporters. The former Aspen City Council member said that despite the automatic recount triggered by the small margin separating him and Boebert, he did not want to continue to fund fruitless election efforts over a ‘handful of votes.’”

Frisch’s concession is mud in the eye for those who prematurely celebrated Boebert’s demise.

One left-winger in particular who must be completely devastated is Democrat consultant and former member of the disgraced Lincoln Project, Kurt Bardella, who last week gloated that Boebert would soon have to seek employment on OnlyFans, a website frequented by sex workers who post racy, if not pornographic, videos.

Frisch took to Twitter to explain his decision although it likely won’t serve as much of a healing balm on the mental sores of the Resistance trolls.

“I want to address the recount briefly and my decision to concede,” he wrote on Friday. “This is an automatic recount written into Colorado statue. Colorado elections are rock solid and if historical precedent of recounts in the state holds, it is unlikely to change more than a handful of votes.”

“This campaign has never been about false hope. We ran knowing we could win. And we came close, so close,” he added. “So rather than continue with a narrative that the recount could alter the fact that we came up 554 votes short, we are choosing to move forward with honesty & humility.”

Boebert reveled in her apparent victory, taking great pleasure in posting the L for former White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Barring any overtime shenanigans, Boebert will have at least two more years to get under the skin of leftists, something that she truly excels at.

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Chris Donaldson


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