Leftist publication serves up tasteless take on Thanksgiving Day: ‘We’re thankful for our abortions’

Other than Christmas, there is no holiday that bitter and resentful leftists seem to despise more than Thanksgiving, a day for family, food, football and most importantly, a time to reflect on traditional American values and thankfulness, 24 hours of sheer misery for the spoilsports who go to great lengths to ruin it for everyone else.

With their annual contribution to the holiday culture wars, the far-left publication The Nation served up a Thursday morning article featuring a number of women expressing their thankfulness that they were able to prevent their unborn children from ever enjoying delightful Thanksgiving Day feasts in yet another sickening example of the liberal obsession with abortion.

In the piece which is titled, “We’re Thankful for our Abortions,” writer Nikiya Natale interviews the women – some of who have had multiple abortions – to offer up their perspectives on how the termination of their pregnancies improved their lives.

Before getting to the women’s testimony, Natale who is deputy director of pro-abortion advocacy group Nikiya Natale poured out a litany of her grievances about Thanksgiving in general.

“This holiday is founded on the unforgivable genocide of Native Americans, and my commitment to justice for all people makes it difficult for me to celebrate things I am thankful for. And the harsh reality is that the utter disregard for all Indigenous people in the 1800s fuels the same systems of white supremacy that dehumanize all of us today,” she wrote. “Black lives are taken by the police and the prison-industrial complex, any sense of LGBTQ+ peace and tranquility has been obliterated by gun violence and hate, and, ultimately, the small promise of abortion access guaranteed by Roe v. Wade was stripped away by an illegitimate Supreme Court.”

“When I look at the state of this nation, the anger piles up, and my gratitude is depleted,” she added before saying that she is grateful for her own multiple abortions because she is able “to spend the long weekend with my young son, who is here because I was able to plan a pregnancy when I was ready to parent.”

According to the testimonials, the women who have benefitted personally and professionally from their abortions could be interpreted by some to be based on selfishness although in some cases, there were complications from the pregnancies that figured into the decisions.

“The best way to share stories is over a delicious meal. As soon as they scoop out that first spoonful of mac and cheese, go ahead and say ‘Whoo! That abortion saved my life, and this mac and cheese is about to give me life!'” Said one of the women who told her story. “But seriously, we have to get to a point where we don’t care what people think. The silence hasn’t gotten us anywhere, and it’s rooted in abortion stigma. If you prioritized yourself and know that you did the best thing for you, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

“My abortions meant the freedom to choose the direction of my life. I’ve had three pregnancies and two abortions,” said another.

Twitter users reacted to the poor taste of a Thanksgiving Day celebration of abortion.

Natale added, “And it’s not just me. Many people who have abortions celebrate their experience. And since we at We Testify know this time of year can be especially difficult for people who’ve had abortions—who want to feel love and acceptance from their families, but who may not receive that validation—my colleagues and I are sharing appreciation for our abortions. No matter if it’s their first abortion or fourth, people should be supported in whatever they decide, every time.”

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Chris Donaldson


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