Legal group demands election workers verify voters’ citizenship nationwide, because they CAN. Here’s how…

A legal group is demanding that all 50 states verify voters’ citizenship before casting their ballots after incidents came to light showing that illegal immigrants are being registered to vote.

America First Legal has taken the initiative to mail letters to chief elections officers, secretaries of state, attorneys general, lieutenant governors, and governors in all 50 states imploring them to verify the immigration status of voters. The Department of Homeland Security’s data can reportedly be used by election officials to verify the citizenship of those registered to vote.

“Based on the information you receive in response, you can take further steps consistent with applicable law to ensure that only U.S. citizens remain on your voter rolls,” the letter urges officials according to the New York Post.

“If DHS fails to respond to an inquiry, you can sue in federal court to obtain the necessary information that Congress has required DHS to provide,” AFL Executive Director Gene Hamilton stated in the letter.

“Given the unprecedented levels of illegal immigration since January 20, 2021, the need for action could not be greater, and the stakes could not be higher,” the letter admonishes. “If you act now, there is likely still time to conduct legally sound voter list maintenance and remove ineligible foreign nationals from your State’s voter rolls before the fall elections.”

“Given widespread public concern over the presence of foreign nationals on voter rolls in jurisdictions across the United States and unprecedented levels of illegal immigration across our southern border since January 20, 2021, the time to act is now,” Hamilton added.

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 mandates that all applicants for welfare benefits must be provided with voter registration forms that don’t require proof of US citizenship. They are only asked for a signature to claim that they are a citizen.

“It is illegal for foreign nationals to register to vote or cast ballots in federal elections, but tens of thousands of non-citizens have been discovered on voter rolls, recent audits and investigations have shown,” the New York Post noted. “Hundreds have later ended up voting without being discovered beforehand — not nearly enough to decide election results even in battleground states like Pennsylvania.”

“But at least 8 million more migrants are expected to be living in the US by October of this year, many of whom are eligible for welfare benefits that would put them within reach of voter registration opportunities,” the outlet reported.

“Joe Biden is mass importing criminal migrants, giving them social security numbers, and handing out voter registration forms to migrants, and vigorously opposes any and every effort to verify the citizenship of voters before voting,” Stephen Miller, president of America First Legal, asserted. “This is a clear, unambiguous, and direct effort to sabotage the 2024 election through potential mass illegal alien voting — aiding and abetting dramatic foreign interference and the subversion of our democracy.”


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