Black gay influencer goes from BLM protester to Trump supporter, discovers ‘truth’ along the way

A social media influencer who left his liberal views behind said realizing “the truth” helped him embrace conservative ideas.

But the transition has not been smooth, according to Amir Odom, a gay black influencer who told Fox News Digital about the backlash he has faced since speaking out against the ideologies he previously spouted.

“I was very much following the script of thinking all Republicans were racist and homophobic, thinking that because I was black, I had to believe it and stand with Black Lives Matter… That, because I’m gay, I have to be [a] Democrat, I have to support all the LGBTQ causes because that’s who was there for me,” Odom said in an interview.

“Until I realized that wasn’t the truth,” he added, relating how he went from BLM marches to meeting then-President Donald Trump in the White House.

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Odum related being “red-pilled” during a date in which a “white guy” kept asking him “why” he held the beliefs he did.

“I thought I had to fit in this ideological box. It wasn’t until my own views were getting questioned I didn’t really know where I stood,” he explained.

“I was just regurgitating headlines, regurgitating what someone else said … and when I started doing the research on my own, that’s when things really blew up,” he recounted.  “And within one year, I went from marching in the streets with BLM to shaking Donald Trump’s hand in the White House.”

With a YouTube channel now boasting over 240,000 subscribers, Odom explains to viewers on his account the importance of expressing opinions while calling out those who are quick to “cancel” anyone who disagrees with them.

“It’s okay to not agree with every single thing that a Republican says and does, same thing it’s okay to not agree with everything that a Democrat says and does,” he told Fox News Digital.

“It just so happens that with the way our political landscape is right now, I more so agree with a lot of things the Republicans, the conservatives are doing. Pretty much all of the Left saying, yes, you should let a kid transition. Like, I’m sorry. I’m not going for that. I’m just not. I can’t defend that,” Odom stated.

He expressed how the topic is one that makes him “angry.”

“Children should be, you know, protected. They’re young, they’re vulnerable. They’re impressionable. They need to be protected,” he added. “We at least used to agree that they don’t have the right mindset to consent to certain things like voting, like smoking, like drinking. But all of a sudden, picking your gender is one of the things that they think, ‘Yeah, that can happen.’”

He highlighted how stepping out of the prescribed box will get you targeted by close-minded leftists.

“It’s lit a fire under a lot of people on the Left, because the second someone on the Left, all they have to say is, ‘I don’t agree with the trans kids [thing].’ Boom. [They] think you’re transphobic, homophobic people,” Odom said.  “Constantly, time after time, the Left eats their own.”

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