Legendary NFL gunslinger Brett Favre calls for Fox News boycott over Carlson ouster: ‘I’m with Tucker’

You can count legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre among fans of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson who have spoken out about their displeasure with the conservative network after it booted its star attraction from his primetime slot last month, a move that drew an impassioned outcry and cratered ratings.

Favre, a first-ballot NFL Hall of Famer who lit up scoreboards for three teams during his illustrious career mostly spent with the Green Bay Packers, took to Twitter to share a video of conservative SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly’s fiery commentary in defense of Carlson in a segment where she urged angry viewers to not be lured back when the 2024 GOP presidential debates begin.

“I’m with Tucker. Time to boycott Fox until they come to their senses and let the man speak,” the former Gridiron gunslinger tweeted on Monday.

In the video segment tweeted by the 3-time NFL MVP, Kelly called for resolve from those boycotting the network over its unceremonious dumping of Carlson and their keeping him sidelined until after the 2024 election when his contract is up.

“They are banking on you coming back to them. They’ve got a debate in August. You can’t resist. You’ll go. You’ll forgive everything. They’re banking on it,” she said on a recent episode of her radio show. “DeSantis is likely to announce this month. You’re gonna turn on Fox News. You can’t go to CNN. You’re not gonna go to Newsmax. You’re not going to go to digital media. You’re gonna tune in to the Fox News primetime, you lap dogs. It’s what you always do. It’s how they have billions.”

“That’s what’s happening here. Keep him silent on the sidelines for as long as possible, unable to use his voice on any of these things — on Fox, on politics, on anything. And we will win in the end, like we always do,” she added, followed by a montage of Carlson’s commentary.

Carlson, a courageous reporter who racked up scores of enemies in high places for his uncompromising coverage of government corruption, the war in Ukraine, the “woke” left’s cultural jihad against American institutions, and totalitarian COVID measures, was unexpectedly ousted amid rumblings that his criticism of network execs – and the broadcasting of previously unseen footage of the so-called “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, as well as a pending lawsuit by a former booker – had rubbed important people the wrong way, including 92-year-old Fox News patriarch Rupert Murdoch who is said to have personally ordered the hit on the popular host.

Favre sat down for a Fox News interview with Carlson last summer, discussing his NFL career and relationship with his father Irv, a no-nonsense, old-school Mississippi high school football coach whom he credits for his success.

(Video: YouTube/Fox News)

In 2020, Favre was vilified by leftists for playing golf with then-President Donald J. Trump whom he also endorsed.

Like another NFL great named Johnny Unitas, Favre was cast aside by his original team, the Atlanta Falcons where the youngster played very sparsely in his rookie season before he was traded to the Packers and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

He would go on to play 16 seasons on the frozen Lambeau Field tundra, leading the Pack to two Super Bowls and winning one while putting up 61,655 yards through the air and, 442 touchdowns, ranking as the Packers’ all-time passing leader.

Favre would finish out his career with a lackluster one-year stay with the New York Jets before hooking up with Green Bay’s arch-rival, the Minnesota Vikings, returning to form and leading the team to the NFC Championship but falling short with an ugly interception in overtime against a vicious New Orleans Saints defense in the infamous “Bountygate” game, taking a pounding like few other quarterbacks have and still nearly winning the game.

He retired from the NFL in 2011 and was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio in 2016.

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