Former Letitia James intern among those arrested at anti-Israel protest: report

A rabidly antisemitic protest at Columbia University this week was attended by a number of wealthy, high-profile individuals, including a former intern for leftist New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

A deep-dive investigation by the New York Post found that many of the attendees “list multimillion-dollar mansions as their home addresses … and come from wealthy and powerful families.”

“Many are students at Barnard College, Columbia University’s liberal arts sister school. Others are career activists with multiple arrests under their belts,” the Post notes.

Take Avery Reed, a former intern for James who reportedly also previously worked on President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign team.

“According to her LinkedIn, she hosts the podcast of the Columbia Daily Spectator, and in 2018 sat on a panel at Guild Hall in East Hampton alongside Gov. Kathy Hochul,” the Post notes.

Next is Isra Hirsi, the daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar. She was reportedly cited for trespassing and arrested but then released a few hours later.

Her mother later wrote on social media that she was proud of her.


Also in attendance at the Thursday protest was Isabel Jennifer Seward, the daughter of UPS executive William J. Seward. Seward is an especially controversial figure because of her haunted past.

“In 2020, at the age of 16, Isabel veered her Toyota Tacoma pickup truck across a double yellow line on US Route 7 in Charlotte, Vermont, killing Chet and Connie Hawkins, a married couple in their 70s,” the Post notes.

“She pleaded no contest to a civil traffic ticket for ‘driving on roadways laned for traffic,'” according to the Post.

Next is Isabella Guisti, whose family reportedly owns a $3 million, 3,000-square-foot home in Savannah, Georgia. Then there’s Mia Roque. Her LinkedIn reportedly says she’s scheduled to intern for Sen. Dick Durbin, a rabid Democrat, this upcoming summer.

Last up is habitual activist Alvin Dan, 32, who’s been arrested at least 10 times since 2020 for various protests.

“Dan was busted at last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade along with 30 other anti-Israel demonstrators who had drenched themselves in fake blood in the middle of the parade route,” the Post notes.

Dan also has a history of being a real a-hole.

“Dan also made headlines last April for refusing to serve Elad Eliahu, a Jewish conservative journalist, at the Brooklyn bar where he worked,” according to the Post.

“Eliahu said Dan called him a ‘Zionist Fascist’ and ‘falsely’ claimed that Eliahu ‘harasses abortion patient’ and ‘doxes people’ through his reporting,” the Post notes.

An estimated 108 protesters were arrested Thursday, prompting brainwashed, wealthy students at other schools to announce their own solidarity rallies/marches.

“The University of North Carolina Students for Justice in Palestine is holding a solidarity rally Friday,” according to CNN. “The Boston University Students for Justice in Palestine announced an ’emergency rally.'”

“The Students for Justice in Palestine at The Ohio State University announced an ’emergency protest supporting Gaza solidarity encampment.’ And the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee announced a student walkout ‘in solidarity with steadfast Columbia students,'” the outlet reported

Jewish students at these schools, especially Columbia, aren’t holding up well, much to the chagrin of congressional Republicans.

“The unchecked antisemitism at Columbia is not exclusive to their campus but is part of a widespread systemic moral rot rampant through our higher education system,” House Republican Conference chair Elise Stefanik told the Post.

“From openly calling for the genocide of Jews to swastikas scattered across campus property, antisemitism has become commonplace at Columbia, making its Jewish students feel unsafe. I am honored to meet the brave students from Columbia University who are bravely sharing their experiences of the inexcusable antisemitic harassment that they face. This senseless hate has no place on American campuses,” she added.

Vivek Saxena


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