Liar-in-chief: Snickers outright rejects Biden SOTU claim about reducing size of candy bar

An angry President Joe Biden ranted at length during his State of the Union address, lashing out at his 2024 opponent Donald J. Trump, and calling out the maker of one of America’s most popular candy bars.

In sticking with the “shrinkflation” theme laid out by his handlers to gaslight Americans into blaming food corporations for the “Bidenomics” disaster, the 81-year-old career politician singled out Snickers bars as an example of how people have been getting less for their money during the period of prolonged inflation that has marked his tenure.

“In fact, the snack companies think you won’t notice if they change the size of the bag and put a hell of a lot fewer — — same — same size bag — put fewer chips in it. No, I’m not joking. It’s called shrinkflation,” Biden said, urging the passage of a bill by Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) to assert more government control over private companies.

“You probably all saw that commercial on Snickers bars. And you get — you get charged the same amount, and you got about, I don’t know, 10 percent fewer Snickers in it,” added the old yeller.

But like so much of Biden’s big SOTU speech, his remarks about Snickers were a big lie which the company noted in a statement defending itself from the authoritarian bully.

“We have not reduced the size of Snickers singles for share size in the U.S. Like many industries, we continue to face high inflation and spikes in material costs; however, we work to absorb these extra costs wherever possible to provide affordable treats and the best value,” the company said in a statement.

“Final prices are always at the discretion of the retailer, but we make every effort to minimize costs to provide a full range of delicious products,” Snickers added.

Biden’s fixation on candy bars instead of the nation’s most pressing issues was blasted on social media, including by the presumptive GOP nominee.

“Biden talked about the SNICKERS Bars, before he talked about the Border!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

Others posted their takes to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“His reckless spending dug our economy into a hole and sent the cost-of-living through the roof — the worst inflation in 40 years,” said Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) in the GOP rebuttal to the SOTU, putting blame for inflation exactly where it belongs, on Biden.

Chris Donaldson


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