Lib filmmaker Michael Moore admits that ‘Trump is smarter than us’

Rotund liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is fretting over the possibility that former President Donald Trump may prevail in November against President Joe Biden.

Moore suggested on his podcast this week that there is a “legitimate fear” that Trump may win, citing Michigan’s Democratic primary election results — never mind that he played a key role in encouraging Democrats in the state to protest Biden’s support for Israel in its war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas war by casting “uncommitted” votes.

“You can lose Michigan just by having 10,000 people sit it out,” Moore said in response to that protest vote topping 100,000.

And that’s when the liberal ideologue admitted out loud that Trump may be “smarter than us.”

“We don’t want to say this out loud, but I’m going to say it, and the reason we need to be concerned is that Trump is smarter than us,” Moore said. “I’ll just let that sink in for a second… I know, I know, you’re calling the people to come find me, the guys in the white uniforms with the big net, and take me away. Are you crazy? What do you mean he’s smarter than us?”

“I’m talking about the way throughout his entire life he’s been able to pull shit off and get away with it. It is an amazing record. You know the record,” Moore said, after acknowledging that, in some ways, Trump is “dumber.”

Speaking of dumb, Moore all but admitted that lawfare being waged against Trump was politically motivated to impact the November election when he stressed about the growing likelihood the former president will be successful in delaying all of his trials.

He also claimed Trump has never “paid a price” for a “variety of his behaviors, crimes, various things he did with his father, racist stuff, sexual assault, etc., etc.”

“You must marvel at how somebody that stupid is that smart when it comes to the performance of his evil and his ability to never have to pay for it,” Moore said, having fretted over the possibility that Trump may not be convicted in the ongoing trials targeting him.

Trump faces 91 criminal charges in four separate jurisdictions, including DC, where he is accused of attempting to overturn the 2020 general election results.

Tom Tillison


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