Like a moth to a flame: Biden poses for ‘creepy’ selfie with young girls – the internet has a field day

Social media is abuzz over what happened this Thanksgiving weekend in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where President Joe Biden is currently vacationing.

As the president was walking through the streets of downtown Nantucket, he passed by a café known as Lemon Press. Inside the café were some little children vying for his attention and specifically for a selfie.

Indeed, as the president was passing the restaurant, the children began shouting in a bid to attract his attention. And not surprisingly, their tactic worked with the notoriously easily distractible president.

Watch what happened below:

Like a moth to a flame, the president careened over to the restaurant window to say hi to the children and to let them snap a selfie with him.

See a copy of the selfie below:

The selfie in particular has gone uber viral because of the “creepy” look on the president’s face.


The president has a sordid history of engaging in “creepy” behavior around little children, particularly young girls.

Just a month ago, in fact, the president went viral again when, after snapping a selfie with a young girl, he placed his hands on the girl’s shoulders and began to lecture her with some bizarre dating advice.

“Now, very important thing I told my daughter and granddaughters: No serious guys until you’re 30,” the president said.

“OK … I’ll keep that in mind,” the young girl replied.

This bizarre encounter raised a number of pertinent questions. For example, why “no serious guys until your 30” versus no guys, period?

Critics said it was as if he’d been suggesting she should only date casually — never mind seek marriage — until she hits her 30s.

Something equally unnerving happened during the White House’s National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning event last November, when the president was caught on camera walking up to a woman he presumably didn’t know and talking to and touching the little girl she was holding

It was obvious from the footage that the young lady wanted nothing to do with “Creepy Joe,” as she immediately turned her face away from him.

Undeterred by having his advances rejected, the president then seemingly tried to touch her face before running his finger down her jacket in a questionable way.

Annoyed by this violation of her personal space, the brave girl then lifted her left arm up in what some have described as a “chop block.”

The president then stepped back with what looked like a frown.

At the time, critics wondered why this kept happening:

Look (*Language warning):

A couple month later in March of this year, something ironic happened during a broadcast by Pittsburgh station WTAE.

“On yesterday’s 4:30 a.m. newscast, the station accidentally used a picture of President Joe Biden for an over-the-shoulder graphic on a story about a 71-year-old man being accused of inappropriately touching a 12-year-old girl,” AdWeek reported at the time.


Vivek Saxena


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