Like clockwork, lapdog media frets over Trump’s ‘frightening’ prediction if he’s indicted

Former President Donald Trump warned on Thursday that America will face “big problems” if he’s one day indicted by the Biden administration.

“I think if it happened, I think you’d have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before. I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it,” he told conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt.

Hewitt responded by asking what he meant by “problems.”

“I think they’d have big problems. Big problems. I just don’t think they’d stand for it. They will not sit still and stand for this ultimate of hoaxes,” Trump replied.

He also admitted that he’d still run for office even if he were indicted: “If a thing like that happened, I would have no prohibition against running.”


According to Politico, Hewitt then asked Trump how he’ll respond if and when the media uses the clip of him above to accuse him of inciting violence.

“That’s not inciting. I’m just saying what my opinion is. I don’t think the people of this country would stand for it,” the former president reportedly replied.

Nevertheless, the media have predictably begun accusing him of incitement:

Politico for its part went so far as to link the comment to the Jan. 6th riot.

“Rhetoric that could be seen as alluding to violence is not out of character for Trump. In his speech on Jan. 6, 2021, to supporters before rioters stormed the Capitol in an effort to block the certification of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, the then-president told the crowd to ‘fight much harder’ against ‘bad people’ and to ‘show strength,'” the outlet reported.

Those are not calls to violence. Note also how Politico conveniently neglected to mention that Trump had also told the then-rallygoers to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard.

Politico and other networks that have rushed to make a big deal out of Trump’s “big problems” remark have also remained dead silent about what Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan said earlier this week.

Speaking on MSNBC, he explicitly said that Democrats must “kill and confront” the MAGA movement.


If talking about “big problems” amount to incitement to violence, then it seems only fair that calling for killing and confronting people is the same.

As for the prospect of Trump being indicted, that remains a legitimate possibility, albeit one not likely to manifest before the midterm elections.

“At the present time, there are at least three separate grand jury investigations looking into the twice-impeached former president and his allies. Two of the investigations stem from Mr Trump’s push to remain in office against the will of voters after he lost the 2020 election,” The Independent notes.

The third investigation pertains to his alleged mishandling of classified documents.

“Another District of Columbia grand jury is investigating Mr Trump’s alleged hoarding of stolen government documents which were by law meant to be returned to the National Archives when his term ended in January 2021,” according to The Independent.

“An [Aug. 8th] search of the ex-president’s Florida home and office uncovered more than 11,000 documents belonging to the government in boxes he’d been keeping in a storage room, with roughly 100 of those bearing markings at classification levels as high as ‘top secret.'”

Even Trump’s fiercest enemies have admitted that, of all the possible charges he faces, something related to the third investigation is most likely. Namely something like obstruction of justice.

“Based on the fact pattern out there in the press and all sides have admitted to, one charge, potential charge really does seem more obvious than others even right now, and that is flat-out obstruction of justice,” far-left, anti-Trump MSNBC host Joe Scarborough predicted this week.

“Again, let’s just keep it to the standard of no man is above the law. Anybody else would have been in jail for doing that. It’s that simple,” he added.

Anybody but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton …


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