Liz Cheney throws shade at Kari Lake after AZ called for Dem, but MTG sets record straight!

Rep. Liz Cheney, who is known as a “Pelosi Republican” for turning on her own party, proved Monday night that her haughty stand on principle is all an act carefully designed to further her own personal interests.

With the vote totals in Arizona trickling in painfully slow — by design, some will argue — there were enough votes released for the corporate media to project what many saw as the inevitable given the circumstances, that Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs defeated Trump-backed Republican nominee Kari Lake for governor.

Cheney, who appears to be a Democrat in all but name, showcased just how crass and petty she can be, celebrating the development by tagging Lake while tweeting: “You’re welcome, @KariLake.”

The outgoing Wyoming congresswoman had openly campaigned against Lake and said she would “absolutely” vote for a Democrat if she lived in Arizona, and Lake would mock Cheney by thanking her in a sarcastic letter for boosting campaign donations.

Cheney linked to that letter with her Monday night sniping.

As for Lake, who was an outspoken critic of Arizona’s election misfortunes in 2020 that continued this year, well… suffice it to say she called BS on the latest numbers released Monday night.

In addition to her opponent not recusing herself from oversight of the election as secretary of state, Lake has stated that problems with tabulators and printed ballots seemed to impact more Republican-leaning areas in the state than Democratic areas.

When you lose your primary to a Trump-backed candidate by nearly 40 points, as Cheney did to Harriet Hageman in August — Hageman went on to be elected to office with 69.8% of the vote — it may be wise to tread carefully as U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., would remind Cheney.

“I just want to thank @HagemanforWY for kicking your ass. I’m really enjoying getting to know her this week. You’re welcome,” Greene tweeted, in response to Cheney’s tweet rubbing Lake’s loss in.

Cheney’s liberal fan club celebrated her shade, but here’s a quick sampling of responses from the other side of the aisle:

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