‘Long overdue’: Finnair asking passengers to step on a scale before boarding

Finland’s national carrier Finnair began asking passengers to voluntarily step onto a scale with their hand luggage at the country’s main airport in Helsinki.

The weigh-in numbers remain anonymous as the airline looks to gather helpful data.

“We will need data for both winter season and for summer season — in winter season people typically have heavier clothing, which impacts weights,” Finnair spokeswoman Päivyt Tallqvist told The Associated Press.

The spokeswoman stressed that passengers won’t be “penalized for their weight,” and reassured those who may be concerned that “the numbers are kept discreet, away from prying eyes.”

Those who agree to be weighed receive a reflective baggage tag as a gift — so far, about 800 people have participated in the survey, according to Tallqvist.

A former USAF engineer told the Daily Mail the policy was “long overdue.”

“Airlines estimates of weight and weight distribution on aircraft are very important to flight safety. Weights are assumed based on [averages] from decades ago. The bottom line is that people are much larger and heavier than they were decades ago,” he said.

The engineer said is was “extremely dangerous” for overloaded planes to be “flying blind” without up-to-date information.

GB News host Darren Grimes asked online followers what their take was on airline passengers being weighed.

Social media users saw no issue with making this a regular part of flying… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from X:

Tom Tillison


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