Maddow claims Biden made US ‘the envy of the world,’ calls Supreme Court ‘flagrantly corrupt’

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow took aim at the “flagrantly corrupt” Supreme Court, bringing the Democrat war on the only branch of government they don’t control to daytime television.

The left-wing network’s conspiracy queen joined the harpies on Tuesday’s edition of ABC’s “The View” where she attacked conservative justices on the nation’s highest court and gushed about the alleged greatness of her party’s feeble leader, Joe Biden.

Maddow’s remarks came during a conversation about Democrat smears of Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas who they have failed to bully Chief Justice John Roberts into recusing from the coming immunity ruling involving former President Donald J. Trump, and the sham “ethics reform” argument being pushed by the party and its media muppets.

(Video Credit: ABC)

“The blatant corruption of a couple of these Supreme Court justices is John Roberts’ problem. He is the chief justice, he has to police it to save his court and to save the legal system,” the lesbian propagandist stated.

Her accusation was so harsh that it even briefly took racist co-host Sunny Hostin aback, but Maddow persisted.

“I work at MSNBC. If there was a member of my family lobbying the White House chief of staff, saying, ‘overturn this election result,’ you think they’d let me cover that election result, let alone give a binding judicial ruling on that election result?” Maddow said, referring to Justice Thomas’ wife Ginni who texted former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about the 2020 election, urging him to challenge the results.

Co-host Joy Behar asked whether Roberts would do something, accusing him of being “iffy.”

Roberts recently rejected a private meeting with two top Senate Democrats seeking to bully him into forcing Alito off of the Trump case, a sore spot for Democrats who are determined to influence upcoming Supreme Court decisions.

Maddow expressed frustration over the delay in the immunity ruling which has thwarted Special Counsel Jack Smith and the DOJ’s lawfare, all but sinking any hopes of a pre-election trial on trumped-up Jan. 6th charges in a D.C. court.

She claimed that the SCOTUS had effectively already given the former president immunity, “because they’ve already delayed things so long that the stuff that he did in 2020, he’s not going to be tried for before he potentially gets back in the White House.” The remark is a giveaway that even if Trump wins, the lawfare is not going to suddenly end.

The MSNBC host also claimed that Biden has made America the “envy of the world” and that the geriatric leader’s campaign has to just do a better job of propagandizing the electorate to convince them of that alternate reality.

“I think the backup plan is run a better campaign. Joe Biden’s record as a president is a very, very strong record. I mean, we are the economic envy of the world. It doesn’t mean our economy is perfect, but literally, we are the envy of the world. We’ve got a better situation than anybody,” Maddow claimed. “We’ve got unemployment rates that we haven’t seen in generations, we’ve got economic growth that any major country in the world would kill for.”

Maddow didn’t address the prolonged inflation inflicted on ordinary Americans by “Bidenomics” which voters get a reminder of with each trip to the grocery store, a big disconnect with the well-heeled leftist coastal elite of the Acela Corridor.

The chief MSNBC Russiagate hoaxer recently said that she fears that Trump will throw her into some kind of camp if he wins the election, a paranoid delusion that has gripped many at her network.

Chris Donaldson


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