Maher slaps pro-Hamas Dems: ‘A result of the kind of stuff that flows down from the places like NPR and colleges’

Comedian Bill Maher’s continued ire for the pro-Hamas wing of the Democratic Party prompted a prediction for this year’s convention akin to how “Nixon won the White House.”

The latest installment of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” saw the host pick up his ongoing gripe with useful idiots from the left who have increasingly leaned into the latter half of that descriptor. Having called out the “Death to America” chants in his previous episode, Friday, Maher suggested that terrorist sympathizing protesters would do little more than hurt the Democratic National Convention in August.

Set for Chicago as it had been in 1968, Maher recounted his “baptism into politics” watching that event where “cops were beating the sh*t out of” hippies and expected it would happen again with those pushing “Hamas to be on their side.”

“I was twelve years old when they had it in 1968 in Chicago. It was like my baptism into politics, like, wow, this is kind of interesting sh*t going on on TV, and I know this is politics — but because there was hippies in the streets and the cops were beating the sh*t out of them — I mean it was really quite dramatic,” Maher told guests Jane Ferguson and Jon Meacham. “And it’s going to happen again, because the kids…they’re going to be out there in force chanting about Genocide Joe because this is their new cause now.”

“This, they think, is the cause of their lifetime,” asserted the comic, “Hamas to be on their side.”

“So, I’m just wondering how the Democrats are going to come out of the convention. Because I remember the last time that happened in Chicago, they got bloodied by it, and Nixon won the White House,” he contended.

Maher’s position came on the heels of a conversation about the apparent bias observed at NPR and identity politics where Ferguson had said, “There’s also, on the left, a massive underestimating of how much this puts people off — how much it really frightens them away. It’s a real own goal for a lot of Democrats.”

“These are the people on the bridge who are protesting for terrorists,” the host cut in. “I think this is a result of the kind of stuff that flows down from the places like NPR and colleges.”

The comedian then broke down the progression of anti-Americanism in leftist circles seen after the Oct. 7 terror attack against Israel witnessed in support for Hamas that transitioned to endorsing commentary from Osama bin Laden and then “Death to America” chants while favoring the Houthis and Iran.

“Jon, you’re a historian, could you please tell these kids they’re being huge a**holes?”

When Meacham noted a false equivalency between far-left and far-right groups, Maher agreed, but lamented, “It’s not winning any votes or it’s not convincing anybody…I want to win an election.”

He furthered his point on the protesters not knowing history as he griped, “And somehow, now the Jews are the Nazis. I know the kids love to switch things up…I know it’s different, that means it’s automatically better.”

Kevin Haggerty


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