Maine Secretary of State visited White House twice, called Electoral College ‘relic of white supremacy’

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, the Democrat who booted former President Donald Trump from the state’s GOP primary ballot, is a full-fledged leftist who visited the Biden White House twice this year alone.

“On March 22, she attended a Women’s History Month event and took a photo with a smiling Biden, putting his left hand and on her shoulder and clutching one of her hands with his right,” according to the New York Post.

She later posted the photo to her Instagram.



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She returned to the White House on June 6th to meet with one of President Joe Biden’s special assistants.

“That trip … appears to have been organized by Issue One Reform, which describes itself as ‘the leading crosspartisan political reform group’ in D.C. that works to ‘unite Republicans, Democrats, and independents in the movement to fix our broken political system and build an inclusive democracy that works for everyone,'” according to Fox News.

But don’t let her allegedly “bipartisan” pow-wow with Republicans fool you, because she’s a dyed-in-the-wool leftist.

Case in point: In June of 2021, she penned an op-ed for Democracy Docket, a left-wing site, calling the Electoral College a “relic of white supremacy.”

Furthermore, in October of 2020, she wrote an almost nonsensical tweet in defense of failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Later that same month, she posted a tweet admitting she was “excited to vote for Biden and Harris” in the then-upcoming presidential election.

In that same tweet, she called for virtual-only presidential debates because of the coronavirus pandemic.


But there’s more. In a report published Friday, Maine’s Portland Press Herald admitted that her so-called “work” prior to becoming secretary of state “embraced numerous causes dear to Democrats.”

“Bellows served as executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine and advocated for legalized same-sex marriage, abortion rights, immigration rights and abolishing the Electoral College,” the piece reads.

Meanwhile, a report from the Maine Wire notes that her failed 2014 campaign to unseat Republican Sen. Susan Collins was funded by a plethora of “national progressive mega-donors and left-wing political groups.”

The Wire therefore suspects Bellows’ decision to boot Trump was motivated in part by a desire to “[appease] the deep-pocketed donors who could support her future campaigns for U.S. Senate or Governor of Maine.”

Appearing on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” this Friday, state Rep. John Andrews, a Republican, claimed she’s in fact “trying to jockey herself for the 2026 governor Democratic primary.”


His appearance on the show came hours after he announced on Facebook that he wanted to impeach Bellows.

“I wish to impeach Secretary Bellows on the grounds that she is barring an American citizen and 45th President of the United States, who is convicted of no crime or impeachment, their right to appear on a Maine Republican Primary ballot,” he wrote.

“Donald J. Trump has met all qualifications for the March 2024 Republican Presidential Primary. He should be allowed on the ballot. This is raw partisanship and has no place in the offices of our state’s Constitutional Officers,” he added.

Later speaking with Fox News Digital, he doubled down.

“In Maine, the people do not elect the Secretary of State, Attorney General or Treasurer,” he said. “They are chosen by elected Democrat Party insiders after deals are made in the back room of State House.”

“Shenna Bellows knows that the process that put her there is extremely partisan. She should know better and be going out of her way to be as neutral as possible to serve every citizen in Maine and not just registered Democrats. That’s why she swore an oath to the Constitution and not the Democrat Party. We are still a republic, but moves like this fracture that foundation, which ultimately is the point of all this,” he added.

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