Tucker fires inside tent, says Ben Shapiro ‘obviously’ doesn’t ‘care about America’

According to Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro’s devotion to Israel as it battles Hamas terrorists in Gaza is “obviously” proof that the conservative commentator doesn’t “care about America.”

The head of the newly debuted Tucker Carlson Network joined host Saagar Enjeti on Wednesday’s episode of “Breaking Points” and was asked about Shapiro’s past criticism of his resolve to put the interests of the United States above those of another nation.

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“In particular, there was a lot of consternation around some comments you made — I think by Ben Shapiro and others — where you were like, ‘Well, I’ve never seen this level of care about Americans who are dying of fentanyl, which, I think is a traditional nationalist message,” Enjeti said.

“I’ve watched the entire kind of right-wing ecosystem get embroiled in fundamentally what is a third-world conflict,” he continued. “Now we can say support, not support, we can have criticisms, etc. of that. But what explains this like literal allegiance on Ukraine, Israel? Why is it that so many of these people don’t seem to have the same level of care for actual American citizens?”

Shapiro has previously stated that “Tucker has been pushing a pacifist line” on Israel’s response to Hamas’s savage Oct. 7 attack “from the beginning,” claiming that, if Israel “does nothing” it will lead to “Armageddon.”

The Jewish commentator had also said that the only reason Carlson would mention the American fentanyl crisis in the same breath as the Hamas attack is “because you wish to downplay the atrocity that just happened in Israel.”

“You know, I find it really distressing,” Carlson told Enjeti, “and in both of those conflicts, I approached it with a clean conscience because I just don’t have strong feelings one way or the other.”

The former Fox News host said that, while he has never “hated” Ukraine, he isn’t “invested emotionally” in the war-torn nation’s conflict with Russia, which allows him to look at the situation “from an American perspective.”

“In the case of Israel and the Arab world, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in both and I like both,” Carlson explained. “And I felt terrible for the people who were killed on October 7. I still do.”

“So I had no weird motive, I was just thinking about it from an American perspective: Is this good for us or is it not?” he continued. “And I was just amazed by the intolerance and the willingness to immediately go to invective and character assassination.”

As for those who suggest that the “dangerous” people who are being displaced in Gaza should be welcomed in America, they show nothing but “contempt” for the American people,” according to Carlson.

“I said first of all, if the people who live in Gaza who are being moved out are so evil and dangerous that they can’t live in the region, why would you want them to move into my country? I mean… what are you saying?” he asked. “They can’t live there because it’s too scary to live next to them but they can live next to me?”

“So at that point, I felt very hostile about that because it showed such contempt for me and my family and my neighbors and my country — it is my country — that’s how I feel about it anyway. It’s all of our country,” he said. “And so I was like disgusted by that and I said so, and I don’t know why that’s weird. Why wouldn’t I be offended by that? And then it was immediately I’m a hater, a bigot, or something like that.”

The attacks on him that followed for his America-first take on the wars didn’t faze the seasoned newsman.

“None of that registered with me because, first of all, I’ve been attacked for so long,” Carlson said. “But attacks that aren’t true — You know if somebody said ‘Wow, you’ve gained some weight this summer’ I’d be like ‘Oh!’ It would hurt my feelings because it’s true! But if someone’s like ‘You’re a hater’ or ‘You hate,’ that’s not true so I don’t really care.”

Those who are rabidly focused on foreign conflicts when the United States is “dangerously unstable” are not only corrupt, they are “crazy,” according to Carlson.

“I did think it showed like the level of not just corruption, which I knew, but of like emotional instability and crazy,” he told Enjeti. “I mean, there are people — and I stopped reading any of it — but there are people on the ‘right’ who have spent the last two months every single day focused on a conflict in a foreign country as our own country becomes dangerously unstable, on the brink of financial collapse, with tens of millions of people who shouldn’t be here in the country, we don’t know their identities or the purpose of their being here.”

“Like, stuff that could destroy the country for real and make it impossible for my kids to live here,” he stated. “They’ve said nothing about that, and they’re focused with laser intensity on foreign conflicts that, I’m like, at some point, I’ve got four kids. If I’m so caught up in the problems of my neighbor’s children and completely ignoring my own children as they get addicted to drugs and kill themselves — you know, I’m not against helping my neighbors’ kids, but clearly I don’t love my kids.”

“I mean, that’s, you know, that’s the only logical conclusion,” he said. “And they don’t care about the country at all. And that’s, you know, that’s kind of their prerogative. But I do. Because I have no choice, because I’m from here, my family’s been here hundreds of years, I plan to stay here.”

“I’m shocked by how little they care about the country, including the person you mentioned [Shapiro],” Carlson said. “And I can’t imagine how someone like that could get an audience of people who claim to care about America, because he doesn’t, obviously.”

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