Married TV anchor suddenly resigns after being accused of sexting alleged underage girl

A Louisiana television anchor suddenly resigned from his job amid disturbing allegations about his behavior off-camera.

Bill Lunn, 59, worked at KTBS in Shreveport as a news director and was a popular on-air face. He is being accused of sending inappropriate texts to someone that he believed to be a 15-year-old girl, going as far as to arrange a meet-up at his home on May 29. However, he soon found himself face-to-face with three amateur “predator hunters,” Antonio Coleman, Kameron Kennon, and Kataurio Grigsby.

Lunn, likely shocked by the appearance of three grown men rather than one underage girl, called the police, reportedly telling them that the three guys tried to assault him and steal his vehicle. The men happily waited for the arrival of the police so they could share their side of the story, as well as evidence of Lunn’s alleged misdeeds.

“You could see the guilt in his eyes. He knew like, ‘Oh, I’m done,’” Coleman told NBC6 News.

According to the “predator hunters,” they were engaged in conversation with Lunn while posing as an underage female, which is a common tactic used to “catfish” creeps and predators who are looking to sleep with minors.

“It’s just crazy how fast, like how fast, they are willing to meet young females,” Kennon explained. “It’s crazy.”

According to the trio, Lunn began the conversation on May 28, when he and the “female” exchanged a large number of texts over the next few hours as the topic rapidly moved toward the profane.

“He was like sending pictures to her. He was saying like he wanted to do this to her,” Coleman said. “Explicit things that I can’t say on camera.”

That’s when Coleman ran a check on the phone number they were conversing with, and found that it was reportedly connected to Lunn’s LinkedIn profile. A meeting was set up for May 29, incredibly fast for two people who had just met, let alone a grown man and a child.

“He came on his lunch break from work to come meet her,” Coleman continued.

That’s when things get hairy. The group arrived at the designated meeting spot, but Lunn darted as soon as they told him what was going on. He later phoned Shreveport Police, reporting an assault and battery. But Coleman, Kennon, and Grigsby waited for the police and over the next few hours, laid out exactly who they were and what they had been doing, exposing the alleged evidence and giving statements.

According to NBC6, everyone was released at the scene and no charges were filed, but the Shreveport Police promptly launched an investigation into Lunn.

“As Bill was running off, he yells, ‘I have a wife and kids,'” Grigsby said giving details of that day. “I’m sitting there as he’s running off, like in my head, how can you say that when you literally walked yourself in the house expecting to meet an underage teenager.”

Lunn has officially resigned from KTBS. The station was quick to put distance between themselves and the man accused of trying to meet a minor by scrubbing his information from their website.

Aside from the anchor, the “predator hunters” claim they have caught 10 men in three weeks from their efforts.

All accused persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Sierra Marlee


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