‘Martin Luther King on steroids’: Trump backs GOP’s Mark Robinson as next governor of NC

Former President Donald Trump has dubbed Republican North Carolina Lt. Gov Mark Robinson a “Martin Luther King on steroids.”

Appearing at a North Carolina rally Saturday, Trump described Robinson as MLK while expressing how impressed he was with him.

“I heard him coming in on the plane. I was listening. And I said to the people in the plane, ‘Watch this: This is Martin Luther King on steroids, OK?'” he began.

“Now, I told that to Mark. I said, ‘I think you’re better than Martin Luther King. I think you are Martin Luther King times two.’ And he looked at me and I wasn’t sure, was he angry because that’s a terrible thing to say? Or was he complimented? I have never figured it out,” he added.

Turning then to Robinson, who was present at the rally, he continued, “When I said that to you, you looked like, I don’t know if I like that comment. You should like it because you are outstanding and you’re going to be the next governor. So that’s going to be very cool.”


Speaking next, Robinson, who’s running for North Carolina governor, endorsed Trump.

“The failed Biden-Stein agenda of the Democrat Party has brought our country to crisis,” he said, referencing North Carolina Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Stein, according to Fox News. “We need more bold fighters like Donald Trump.”

“I look forward to partnering with him to take on the failed Biden-Stein agenda, lead our united Republican ticket to victory in November, and get our state and country back on track,” he added.

The crazy thing about N.C. is that whereas the Lt. Gov. is a staunch Republican, the actual governor, Roy Cooper, is a rabid Democrat who’s obsequiously backed every move by the Biden administration and is of course supporting President Joe Biden in the 2024 race.

“So many times people have tried to count Joe Biden out, and so many times he has proved them wrong,” he told Spectrum News last month. “And when you look at the success that he was able to generate during the first two years in office, he’s got plenty of time to make that case.”

It’s not clear what he defines as “success”? High inflation? Endless illegal migration? Increasing crime?

Robinson meanwhile is a Republican who’s jumped through hoops to try to prevent Cooper from enacting his far-left agenda in N.C.

The two got into a particularly nasty back-and-forth in 2022 after Robinson committed the apparent crime of bragging about owning some AR-15s, which, FYI, are legal to own.

“Speaking in the second of his two appearances during worship services at Midpoint Church in Middlesex on May 15, Robinson said he owned AR-15s in case ‘the government got too big for its britches,'” according to High Point station WGHP.

He also reportedly said  he was “going to fill the backside of them britches with some lead.”

Cooper, a rabid leftist, was incensed:

Robinson for his part never responded to Cooper’s whining, though plenty of North Carolina Republicans did.


Vivek Saxena


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