Masked Biden on the beach ponders domestic travel restrictions for crisis with ‘no federal solution’

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President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, both whom are vaccinated and boosted, were spotted Tuesday walking their new dog along an uncrowded (and practically empty) beach in Delaware.

The footage drew a considerable amount of attention because the president had on a mask. The first lady initially did too, though she soon removed hers.

Critics noted that it’s generally unnecessary to mask up outdoors, especially in uncrowded situations. They also noted the contrast between the president cheerily masking up while outdoors but continually not masking up when indoors.

To them, his stunt on the beach appeared to be yet another example of the endless “mask theatre” being perpetrated by wealthy, powerful left-wing elites:

The footage was captured a day after the president returned to Delaware reportedly for the 31st time since taking office for yet another vacation.

The beach walk in fact occurred “near their second home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware,” according to the Associated Press.

The footage was also captured a day after the president announced that he was essentially giving up on combating the coronavirus from the federal level.

He specifically said there’s “no federal solution” for the pandemic and that state governors must be the ones to tackle it.

The announcement triggered a bit of backlash (*Language warning):

But he wasn’t wrong about the need for the federal government to back off.

Critics have argued though that he owes Republican governors like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis an apology. Back in August, the president lectured DeSantis to “get out of the way” because he disagreed with the governor’s COVID approach.

Critics have also drawn attention to all the criticism he’d had for former President Donald Trump, given as the conditions on the ground in the U.S. are virtually identical to how they’d been during his predecessor’s tenure.

The one difference, of course, is that Trump didn’t have the benefit of multiple COVID vaccines and therapeutics being readily available.

All this said, the president did perform a Faucian 180 while in Rehoboth Beach, telling reporters who were on site that he’ll institute a vaccine requirement for domestic travel “when I get a recommendation from the medical team.”

The remarks suggested that he hadn’t been serious about there being “no federal solution” to the pandemic and intends to keep interfering through executive fiat, despite what he’d said only two days ago.

This abrupt change in rhetoric fits a pattern of him being all over the place. One minute he’ll wear a mask on the beach, as seen here, and the other minute he and the first lady will walk through a crowded restaurant completely unmasked.

There seems to be no logic and consistency to their actions — unlike the actions of DeSantis, incidentally.

Throughout the pandemic, the Florida governor has sought to prioritize protecting the elderly and immunocompromised while allowing those at low risk to continue their lives as normally as before.

His policies have led to Florida becoming one of the leading destinations for disgruntled Americans living in blue states seeking an escape hatch.

Biden’s policies meanwhile have led to him suffering from disapproval rates not seen since the Carter administration …

Vivek Saxena


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