Matt Walsh obtained disturbing video from high-level FAA meeting, and you may never fly again

Columnist and podcast host Matt Walsh unveiled disturbing video footage allegedly from a Federal Aviation Administration meeting that highlighted its dangerous priorities.

“I’ve obtained internal footage of senior officials at the FAA’s Flight Program Operations division,” Walsh wrote on X, noting that the unit is “responsible for all aspects of aircraft operations.”

The footage purportedly showed a session where there was a discussion on plans “to reduce the number of white males in aviation.”

Walsh noted that in the clip, FAA acting deputy chief operating officer Angela McCullough is heard saying “more workers need to go from ‘ramp to cockpit,’ meaning she wants to see more baggage handlers become airline pilots.”

McCullough, whom the FAA says “has over 30 years of service in the FAA and the U.S. Air Force,” goes on to claim it’s important to “get a little uncomfortable.”

In the video clip, she laments that Flight Operations is “white-male dominated” while saying managers need to “talk about what the future could look like.”

“That’s great, honestly. Those are some words that we really need to spend some time digging through and thinking about,” responds David ‘Wil’ Riggins, the FAA’s Vice President of Flight Program Operations. This role, according to the FAA, is responsible “for all aspects of FAA Flight Program safety, administration, operations, training, and maintenance.”

“This footage, which is from April of 2022, is a sign of a much larger problem,” Walsh noted in the thread.

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard from several members of the aviation industry who tell me that DEI is endangering the public and distracting them from their work,” he wrote.

Walsh noted a source who is reportedly a Delta pilot, told him that the airline “has recently promoted a trans-identifying pilot who repeatedly received bad reviews from captains.”

The pilot “would likely not have” gotten through the probation period if not for the transgender identification, according to the source.

“The source also notes that Delta routinely makes exceptions for trans-identifying pilots concerning grooming and behavioral standards. Internally, Delta has even published a lengthy guide for pilots who believe they were born in the wrong body,” Walsh wrote.

“This industry-wide embrace of overt mental illness afflicts every aspect of aviation,” Walsh added, noting that another source informed him that although his “job is to design advanced military systems,” he is “constantly side-tracked by DEI proposals like ‘gender inclusive seatbelts.'”

He went on to detail information from sources about the FAA’s “eFast” program.

“It’s only a matter of time until this combination of incompetence and anti-white discrimination leads to a major air disaster,” Walsh warned.

“The aviation industry needs a completely new mandate — one that’s focused solely on safety — before a lot of people die,” he concluded.


Frieda Powers


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