Matteo: Revisionist history is not history

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As someone who has taught history for many years, I have witnessed decades of so-called educators rewriting history to support a political agenda that is based more on fantasy than reality.  Perhaps it’s because many of them are very theatrical and are similar to Hollyweirdos who are known for producing “true” stories that are far from truthful.

Throughout American history, there have always been individuals who have had contempt for America, but they have been a tiny minority and easily dismissed by the majority of Americans who are proud of our country. As time passed, more and more of these individuals realized that hating America was a money maker. Today, they brand America as a white supremacist country (which is kind of humorous, especially when so many non-whites are coming to America, which is antithetical to their claim. It’s the illogical equivalent of Jewish people moving to Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.)  Yet, these talking heads and literary midgets make a lot of money by making these ridiculous claims. Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History, has been one of the greatest selling books as a “history” book, when Zinn even admitted it was not an objective account of history. This book, often cited by leftist professors and teachers, has been required reading for revisionist history writers and educators to promote an America hating agenda.

Those who claim that America is all about white nationalism, white supremacy or who make the case that America is as racist today as it was during Jim Crow need to answer a simple question: What laws are in place today that allow whites more privileges than non-whites in today’s America? Those who want to identify as marginalized victims will always make unfounded claims about discrimination, but it’s the racial pimps who use public forums, social media and classrooms to make claims that would have audiences believing that today’s America is no different from American society in 1840.

Fallacy-based ideas like white fragility, white privilege, white supremacy, the 1619 Project (which claimed America was really founded when the 1st slaves were brought to America and was even shown to be factually inaccurate by white liberal academics), critical race theory etc. are used as evidence by clueless, historically ignorant individuals who want to vilify white people and keep people of different races at each other’s throats because it fills the coiffures of organizations like Black Lives Matter and sells advertising for liberal television programs.

There is no denying that American history has a record of atrocities committed against blacks, Native Americans, immigrants and others, but to equate today’s America with the way these people are treated today is both disingenuous and urinates on the struggles of those who really did suffer injustice in a world that was most assuredly white supremacist.

In California, a reparations board was convened by Governor Gavin Newsom to decide on giving money to current day black Americans who can prove they are the descendants of slaves and people who were victimized by slavery despite the fact that California was admitted as a free state. Perhaps this is based on documented cases where some slaves were removed from California as part of fugitive slave laws, but the number of slaves in California was far less at any point in history than in states that were classified as “slave” states. Where California will get the money to pay people who were never slaves by taxing people who never owned slaves remains a mystery. However, as we look at those who basically want something for nothing, which is the equivalent of giving me the death penalty because my great, great grandfather murdered your great, great grandfather, if we are going to truly look at the origin of slavery we need to see the entire picture, not just a selective snippet.

To listen to most liberals, you would think that slavery is a uniquely American institution, but slavery existed long before America was even discovered. Past civilizations including Greece, Rome and many African nations practiced slavery. In Africa, slaves were often prisoners of war between tribes, people guilty of committing crimes or, in some cases, those who couldn’t pay back debts and became indentured servants. It’s a well-known fact that Jews were slaves in Egypt, and even in today’s world slavery exists in many parts of the world.

When the Portuguese were trading with West African nations, slaves became a part of the transactions. These slaves were brought to the new world, but no one talks about the culpability of the black tribal chiefs who traded slaves to the White Sea captains. If we really want to pay reparations (which the majority of Americans see as ridiculous), why is the burden placed solely on white people and the contributions to the slave trade of black tribal leaders not discussed? How many history classrooms dwell on the evils of slavery being blamed solely on white Europeans, but conveniently leave out the role of Africans in selling or trading people of the African race?

In Colorado, the video of a middle school student and his mom being told that the Gadsden flag patch on his backpack with the phrase, “Don’t tread on me” was forbidden at the school because, as the school administrator said, it was offensive due to its association with slavery. When the mother pointed out that it had nothing to do with slavery, the administrator retreated and blamed school policy on her decision. The actual historical origin of the flag was actually about England not treading on the rights of American colonists and it was about liberty and had nothing to do with slavery. Perhaps this administrator should take a history class before making inaccurate remarks about things she has obviously never studied.

For decades the left has done their best to rewrite history. The vilification of Christopher Columbus has been a staple in the left wing arsenal of pre-cancellation America for decades. We’ve all seen how statues of famous Americans have been systematically removed because of claims of racism, bigotry and the old favorite “white supremacy.” Each day leftist teachers use history classrooms to spew inaccurate, historical relativist points of view that most students never question (because as we know, in the liberal world, questioning is not tolerated) or do their own research to dispute the lies espoused by their agenda driven teachers who have more contempt for America than brain cells.

Teaching history isn’t something to like or dislike or to use for one’s selective political ideas. It’s the recording of events, so future generations can learn from the mistakes of the past. To do this requires objectivity and fairness. It also requires teachers to be unbiased, so that students can make their own conclusions, which is the main purpose of critical thinking. Teaching is not brainwashing; it is brain cleansing, but until we have teachers who put their obligation as teachers above their own political agendas education will always be indoctrination.


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