Liberal excuses and consequences

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Each day that passes there are more extreme examples of liberal lunacy that is tied to impractical and unrealistic ideologies.  Over the years, months and weeks numerous things have happened that demonstrate the inept, illogical and insane policies of liberal democrats who don’t seem to comprehend the fact that making excuses for criminals is a very bad policy.

  1. Police in New York were beat down by illegal immigrants and they were released without any bail requirement.
  2. 150 Democrats in the House of Representatives voted AGAINST the Protect Communities from DUIs Act, which is a bill that would deport illegals who were found guilty of driving under the influence.
  3. People, especially on college campuses, lined up to condemn Israel for defending themselves against Hamas, who used their presence in Palestine to invade the country and murder, rape and take Israelis as hostages.
  4. Squad members Cori Bush and Rashida Talib vote against a bill to ban Hamas terrorists from entering the U.S.
  5. Ayanna Pressley, another squad member, blamed companies for closing companies that have been victimized by shoplifters on racism.
  6. Cori Bush, another squad member, who is an active proponent of defund the police, is being investigated for the use of funds for her own private security, while calling for policies to diminish police resources.  
  7. Defund the Police, a democratic knee-jerk reaction that resulted in the vilification of police, which further resulted in police departments being unable to do their jobs in numerous and enforce laws.
  8. Policies that give shoplifters get-out-of-jail-free cards and punish employees who attempt to stop shoplifters from stealing merchandise from the stores where they work.
  9. Instead of helping Texas to combat illegal immigration, the Biden Administration has entered into a conflict with the Lone Star State to reduce their ability to control a situation that was manufactured by Biden’s terrible policies.
  10. The constant call for gun control and attempts to vilify people who own guns as a way to defend themselves from criminals, whose behavior has been encouraged by policies that blame society, parenting and the man in the moon for their own choices to commit crimes.


These are just a few of the policies that have been made by brain-dead politicians who can’t seem to comprehend the fact that there are consequences for bad laws and policies.  Are those who make these policies stupid, clueless or blind? Do they not see that when you make excuses for criminals, it puts good people (OF ALL RACES) at risk?  

There are two common denominators involved in all of these scenarios: 1) the end result is pain and suffering for innocent law-abiding citizens.  2) the underlying theme that there are an infinite amount of excuses, that criticize anyone who exercises the right of self-defense, and this includes nations (see Israel), individuals and organizations.

People are extremely tired of hypocrites, like EVERY member of the squad, who play the race card for every issue.  News to the squad: Good people of color are being victimized directly when you play the race card to defend criminals, and these same citizens are being victimized indirectly when businesses that have suffered insane losses move out of these neighborhoods.  It is unbelievable that a member of the House of Representatives would suggest to Walgreens that they are racist for leaving high crime areas and refusing to absorb losses due to shoplifting that liberal laws caused.

Limousine liberalism is a term that has been used to identify those who speak out on issues, but are so far removed from the consequences of these issues that they are unqualified to speak, let alone make policies, about these problems.  Examples of limousine liberalism are those who would call to defund the police, but spend a lot of money on private security.  It is those who live in mansions with concrete walls, who say that walls are bad.  It is those who fly on private jets, but seem to never shut up about the impact of fossil fuels on climate change.  The list goes on and on, and can be described in one word: hypocrisy.

Perhaps those who advocate these policies should be forced to live their lives in the very communities where they have removed a police presence without their bodyguards.  Perhaps they should be forced to invest their own money in businesses in these areas and watch their “hardly earned dollars” walk out the door in the hands of people who have been encouraged to shoplift to their heart’s content. 

It is very easy to make laws and policies to impact others, just as it is to spend other people’s money (see the US national debt figures), however, when bad laws and policies put communities, cities, states and the country at risk it is vital to see the reality of who is doing it, and voting them out of office.  The solution is quite simple, but identity politics, staunch political affiliations and a twisted view of “social justice” prevents people from seeking pragmatic solutions that make America a better place.

Open borders, defund the police, laws that encourage shoplifting, as well as a displaced sympathy for criminals, have caused a severe amount of pain for too many innocent people.  The scales of justice have been weighed down by people who never have to suffer the consequences of their decisions, and on the rare occasion when they were victimized, their tune changed completely.  We saw this in the case of Shivanthi Sathanandan, a strong proponent of defund the police who once tweeted, “We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.”  She suffered a broken leg at the hands of carjackers in the driveway of her home and then said, “Look at my face. REMEMBER ME when you are thinking about supporting letting juveniles and young people out of custody to roam our streets instead of HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.”

Why does a house have to fall on people who lack the ability and common sense to see that complacent application of laws destroy lives, until it happens directly to them?  Soft on crime mayors and governors seem to blame everyone until a case comes up that is so blatant (as in the case of the illegals pummeling the officers in New York last week) that makes them admit that weakness encourages bullies individually as well as globally.  

We can be sympathetic to those who might steal medicine or food because they are down on their luck, but does anyone really believe that this is the case when looters ransack a store and take plasma TV’s, expensive sneakers or other items that would hardly be classified as “survival items.”  Wake up America and understand that every time you vote for a squad member or some liberal, you may be the next one who will be victimized by their policies, and in that case you can look in a mirror and repeat after me, “We have met the enemy and he is me!”


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