Protesting for Dummies

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You reap what you sow and nothing illustrates this point than what has transpired on college campuses over the last few weeks. It started with participation trophies and parental inability to say, “No,” when they were children, and it escalated to safe rooms and neutering language to pacify their sensitive baby feelings as they grew up. Universities were once revered institutions of learning, but they have been reduced to adult nursery schools of grown Marxists with the mentality of toddlers.

As I peruse the events of what has transpired on many college campuses, I’ve seen numerous videos of tomorrow’s “leaders” ranting and chanting, which reminds me of the sounds I’d hear when I’d approach my daughter’s nursery school when she was four.  

America, today, faces a serious crisis for the future as evidenced by the ridiculous nature of students whose support for a terrorist organization is beyond any logical understanding of what transpired in Israel on October 7th. If these students had been in Israel that day, when assassins parachuted into areas where they were enjoying leisure time, they would have been turned into gang-raped corpses, however, this is a fact that seems to elude them as they openly support behavior that was sanctioned by citizens living under Hamas rule in Palestine.

During the sieges on so many campuses, the students have chanted things like, “We are Hamas,” “Death to America,” “Decolonize, Decarbonize,” and their favorite, “Disclose, divest, we will not stop, we will not rest.” One of the protesters even made the statement on X and tweeted, “Zionists don’t deserve to live.” I may be old school, but these sentiments don’t exude a sense that these protests are peaceful. Yet, these are the same individuals who want hard-working American taxpayers to pay for their education. Here are some slogans that American taxpayers should chant back at them since protesters seemed to be so enamored with rhymes: 

“Hell no, we won’t pay.  Finance your indoctrination some other way.”  OR

“From the mountains to the hills, pay your own F’ing bills.”  OR

“If you think it’s so fine, we’ll buy your ticket to Palestine.”

So many young people today love to point fingers at what they deem to be “privilege” in their DEI bubbles, but fail to see the irony in their constant whining that is more disturbing that the sound of nails scratched on an old-fashioned blackboard.  Their idea of tolerance begins and ends with only those who support their ideas, and ends the moment an adult in the room challenges what they believe.  

So what do these spoiled “children” want? The main demand is that the universities that they attend should divest from any support for Israel. In essence, they want full financial disclosure of how and where these institutions spend their money to prove they have cut ties to any company doing business with Israel. This is the equivalent of me demanding to see where Mcdonald’s spends its money because I purchased a Big Mac. Perhaps they should do their own research before deciding to attend universities, which forces them to literally put their money where their mouths are located. 

As some universities (Brown, University of Minnesota) caved to demands, so obviously the demands increased. One University of Chicago protester demanded reducing of emissions by 50% by 2030, which has clearly little to do with Israel. Others voiced demands of reparations, amnesty for vandals who destroyed and defaced property, divestment in fossil fuel companies and no policing on campus. The Columbia demands included severing all ties with the New York Police Department. Students at Princeton wanted a commitment of their university to end research in weapons of war. This is what happens when spoiled children grow up without ever having been told they can’t have what they want just because they stomped their feet.

During their protests, leaders demanded that their sieges be supported by those whom they were sieging against, which definitely is head-scratching. UCLA protesters demanded “humanitarian aid” which included vegan and gluten-free food, and said they wouldn’t accept packaged food, bagels, coffee or nuts. I can understand why they refrained from nuts because there was obviously an oversupply of nuts who were making these requests. Other items that were vital for the survival of these courageous souls included: Chapstick, Vaseline, HIV tests and tweezers, which would definitely be necessary for an extended siege.  

Could you imagine Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett telling Mexican General Santa Ana that they wanted gluten-free tacos in their siege at the Alamo? When Gandhi chose to do a hunger strike, did he specify a specific brand of bottled water that the authorities should provide for him? I’m sure that when Troy was under siege by the Greeks, Agamemnon (the Greek leader) would have honored the Trojan request for vegan food.

Throughout history, heroism has been defined by brave actions, which demonstrated the willingness of true heroes who endured terrible conditions and consequences and many died in their pursuit of their cause. I don’t think that suffering from a lack of Chapstick or being forced to eat food with Gluten in it would qualify as a heroic act, but in today’s college classrooms who knows what passes for heroism?

Sadly, some universities have agreed to appease and pacify protesters instead of telling them that they will not negotiate with terrorists or those who support terrorists by agreeing to meet with true insurrectionists. The Biden Administration should be renamed: Waffle House because it is also vacillating on its support for Israel, and I wonder how many of those who are disrupting life on these campuses were illegals who entered the country under his disastrous border policy.

If there was ever a time to review endowments, government support and financial aid for college students, that time has arrived. Forgiving student debt is out of the question, and it is obvious that those running these institutions fail to understand that appeasement only empowers bullies and that the same rule of law that has been abandoned in blue cities and replaced with a pacifist mentality without consequences has led to anarchy, which does not bode well for the future of America especially when it is in the places that are tasked with nurturing the thinking skills of the next generation.


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