Matteo: The illogical world of liberal lies

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On a recent episode of The View, (I only saw the clip, as I would have to be tied down with my eyes permanently held open to actually watch an episode of it) Joy Behar actually took the time to state that she believes Joe Biden is doing a good job as president, and even said “inflation is coming down.”

Sure, if you earn seven million dollars per year for spewing nonsense, I guess she wouldn’t notice high prices. However, most Americans see that Biden’s economic policies are a disaster and few people who could look at all of the economic numbers since he took office would realize that the only people benefitting from his “economic” policies are people with his last name. This illustrates the wonderful world of die-hard, woke liberals who have a tenuous grasp of reality.

Yet, this isn’t surprising when you realize that those who deny economic, biological, and cultural realities can’t even answer the simple question: What is a woman?  In this area, they parrot what they have heard over and over again, “Gender is a social construct.” So, where did this idea come from?

In the 1950s and 1960s, John Money pushed the idea that gender was a social construct. This evolved from an experiment that Money called the John/Joan case. To make a long story short, the Reimers were twin boys. One of the twins, David, had his penis accidentally cut off at 8 months old.  His parents contacted Money and he convinced them to raise him as a girl and this involved sex reassignment, which included surgical, hormonal and psychological treatments. At 22 months, David had surgery to remove his male anatomy completely and create a rudimentary female anatomy. His parents raised David as a girl named Brenda. Throughout his childhood, Brenda was never informed what had happened to him in infancy.

In therapy sessions with Money, he would force the twins to rehearse sexual acts and inspect each other’s genitals. Money defended this by saying that childhood sexual rehearsal play was important for healthy childhood sexual exploration. David’s brother, Brian, was used as a control to support Money’s ideas that gender was the result of nurture (environment), not nature (genetics), a fantasy that is alive and well long after Money’s death.

At the age of 15, David found out what happened and made the decision to live as a boy. He even attempted to reverse what had been done to him through surgery.  So how did it all work out? Brian died of a drug overdose and not long after, David committed suicide. This is not exactly the happy ending of a story that is used by so many people to defend the idea that gender is a social construct, is it or to laud the work of a man who has been called the father of gender as a social construct?

Today, too many people have bought into this ideology, and believe that the source of all unhappiness in many children can be ascribed to gender dysphoria. Reuters found that between 2017 and 2021, the number of gender dysphoria cases has tripled among children between the ages of 6-17.  They even gave this “care” which includes puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and surgery to children the wonderful new name of “gender-affirming care.”  This is a newly created industry that generates billions of dollars over time for a medical industry that is the same industry that went pill crazy in the 1990s to medicate kids diagnosed with attention deficit disorder instead of trying to deal with the causes of the behavior. I guess gender as a social construct seems both appropriate and ironic because this all started with a psychologist named “Money” because this is now a very lucrative business. Thus, the phrase “follow the Money” definitely has dual meanings.

Those advocating the notion that we are whatever we believe or identify as, rapidly fall apart when scrutinized because if one can simply “identify” as something other than their biological realities, are any realities truly safe? Can one identify as a member of another race or as an animal or even as an inanimate object? It has led to controversy over people becoming highly insulted when they believe someone didn’t use their preferred pronoun, and people are under the misguided notion that they can “own” parts of speech.

Many who espouse this fantasy view of gender extend this twisted view to their views on culture, politics and economics. They deny statistical realities and use fallacies to defend ideas that are pure fantasy and, when confronted, their house of cards collapses and they resort to name calling, conspiracy theories, or need to retreat to safe rooms to medicate their fragile psyches. Unfortunately for them, reality can only be abandoned for so long because it only takes a trip to the store to realize inflation isn’t under control. It only takes being the victim of a crime to make someone (like Shivanthi Sathanandan of Minnesota, a leading proponent of defunding police until she got carjacked in her driveway) realize that defunding police and reducing punishments for criminals leads to more crime.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that woke leftists’ cries of book banning are baseless when the books being banned in school libraries have X-rated materials in them that are not suitable for children. It doesn’t take brilliance to deduce the fact that income inequities between sexes or races aren’t a conspiracy of white supremacy or that institutionalized racism isn’t the reason for these inequities.

Sadly, this started when those on the right ignored the gradual taking over of education by leftists in colleges, and that resulted in graduates going out into the world to preach the idea that it’s better to live in a delusional world and blame others, or the system or anything else other than the choices people make. These people are fortunate that they have fingers because they do a lot of finger-pointing. Decades of indoctrination have now resulted in woke corporate leaders, politicians and education policymakers attempting to make everyone buy into their fantasy world. They are the policymakers for now, but as Disney, Bud Light and so many other companies have realized, “Go Woke and you will Go Broke” because fantasies don’t change the amount of money in your wallet. You can identify as a billionaire, but when you bounce checks for five dollars, that’s a reality that can’t be denied.

Most people live in the real world, and reality involves looking in the mirror, which is something that cancel culture proponents fear because it forces people to be accountable for their own actions. As time passes and people realize that delusional thinking does not alter reality, people will realize that fantasies are great in the bedroom or in the participation of fantasy football leagues but have little application in the real world.


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