‘May not have kissed the ring but…’ Media leftists rage at Nikki Haley

Leftist media talking heads are very upset with former presidential candidate Nikki Haley for endorsing former President Donald Trump.

Haley endorsed Trump on Wednesday, saying Trump “has not been perfect” but that current President Joe Biden “has been a catastrophe.”

“So I will be voting for Trump,” she added while speaking at a Q&A session after a speech she delivered at the Hudson Institute.


Her endorsement sparked immediate backlash, including from the media’s demonstrably left-wing hosts.

Leading the charge was CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

“Nikki Haley said she believes President Biden is a ‘catastrophe,’ but of course it was not that long ago, and voters will remember, that she was arguing to Republican voters, and really the United States, that former President Donald Trump is a, quote, ‘disaster,’ ‘unhinged,’ ‘unfit,’ ‘unstable,’ the list goes on,” Collins complained late Wednesday.

“He also launched a series of attacks against her during that primary race, of course, often deriding her as ‘Birdbrain,'” she added.

It was a primary election, and during primary elections, the opponents always trash-talk one another.

Collins proceeded to play video clips of Haley previously saying “I feel no need to kiss the ring” and “I have no fear of Trump’s retribution.”

“Haley, of course, may not have kissed the ring, but she has certainly tried it on tonight,” the CNN host then concluded.


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a rabid leftist, was even angrier, especially at Haley’s insistence that Trump would handle everything better, including the economy, national debt, and America’s enemies.

“You know, that is one of the most remarkably unmoored-from-facts description on why you’re voting for Donald Trump I’ve ever heard in my life,” Scarborough bellowed in anger Thursday morning.

“I mean, it is mind-boggling that somebody who actually claims to know anything about policy would say what she just said. I’m not shocked that she’s been cynical; she’s been cynical her entire political career. It doesn’t shock me she went back to Trump, but you’re going to have to do a lot better than that, Nikki…. What is she talking about?” he added.

Reality? After all, a vast majority of Americans also believe the country would fare much better under Trump than Biden.

“This is how people spread disinformation and lies and get away with it, where you just let shit keep going,” Scarborough continued. “She lied about the economy. She lied about debt. Just look at the numbers.”

“She lied through her teeth about debt, and she lied about Donald Trump holding our enemies accountable when he actually praises our enemies and sends love letters to them and talks about how brilliant they are, because they can hold down millions and millions of their countrymen and women,” he added.

Polls have also repeatedly shown that the American people believe Trump would fare much better against America’s enemies.

One poll conducted by J.L. Partners on behalf of the Daily Mail a few months ago found that a majority of Americans believe Trump would fare better during a one-hour-long meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Almost two-thirds said they trusted Trump to make it through a one-hour meeting with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, but only 43 percent thought Biden could manage it,” the Daily Mail reported.

Listen to Scarborough below:

But the MSNBC host still wasn’t done spewing bull.

“Hold our enemies to account? Hold our enemies to account?” he furiously babbled. “You know, where do we begin? When we talk about how he lavishes praise on Vladimir Putin…. [Biden is] leading the effort to push back Vladimir Putin, where Donald Trump says, basically: Turn it over, I’m going to end this war in Day One.”

“[Trump] called Putin brilliant for what he did. And yes, he said he has a love affair with Kim Jong-Un, the most ruthless tyrant who wants to nuke the West Coast of the United States of America,” he added.

Of course, the Biden sycophant had NOTHING to say about dear leader coddling Cuba and, worse, Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

Vivek Saxena


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