Media pushes new ‘George Floyd’ following fatal police shooting

Social media is nipping what many see as “a new ‘George Floyd’ movement” in the bud following the fatal shooting of 26-year-old Dexter Reed in Chicago.

“He was just riding around in his car,” Reed’s mother, Nicole Banks, told Fox 32 Chicago on Tuesday before collapsing in tears. “They killed him.”

The Washington Post reported that “tactical-unit police officers fired 96 bullets at [Reed] within 41 seconds.”

Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability [COPA] “released video footage of the shooting Tuesday and said its investigation of the ‘officers’ use of deadly force’ on March 21 remains ongoing,” according to WaPo.

The outlet continues:

According to COPA, police stopped Reed “for purportedly not wearing a seatbelt.” In several body-cam videos, multiple officers can be seen exiting an unmarked vehicle and surrounding Reed’s car, which had tinted windows.

The officers demand he unlock and open the door, and not to roll up the window.

“Upon stopping Mr. Reed, multiple officers surrounded his vehicle while giving verbal commands. When Mr. Reed did not comply with these commands, officers pointed their firearms at Mr. Reed,” COPA said.

Officers can be seen retreating as they ask Reed to exit the vehicle. Then, shots can be heard.

Eight paragraphs into the story, the Washington Post notes, “COPA said its review of the footage and initial reports ‘appear to confirm that Mr. Reed fired first,’ hitting one officer while four others returned fire.”

The popular Libs of TikTok (LoTT) account on X warned users not to “fall for” the mainstream media’s “propaganda.”

“The media is trying to push a new ‘George Floyd’ movement after a police sh00ting in Chicago,” LoTT wrote. “The reality shows the individual fired nonstop at the police. Do not fall for their propaganda!”

LoTT fact-checked Banks’ claim that her son was “just riding around” as “false.”

“Dexter was pulled over for a traffic stop and responded by sh00ting at the police,” the account stated. “They want another George Floyd movement and are looking for a martyr.”

“The media is also coaxing it along by lying about the story,” LoTT wrote.

And LoTT wasn’t alone in calling out the press.

“The legacy media including [the Washington Post] appears desperate to manufacture a narrative to cause civil unrest reminiscent of 2020,” wrote Christina Pushaw, rapid response director for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. “What they intentionally don’t mention in the headline: Dexter Reed fired the first shots at police officers who pulled him over.”

“Elections are around the corner, and the left is resorting to one of the oldest pages in their playbook, attempting to reignite riots and unrest this summer,” stated another user, who added that Banks’ son “fired eleven shots at police before they returned fire.”

“The video makes it blatantly clear that the suspect fired first and a lot,”  wrote a third. “What the media is doing should be criminal. They’re going to cause riots and more violence by intentionally lying about this incident.”

“The Washington Post is running with this picture of Dexter Reed’s graduation, rather than his mugshot for aggravated unlawful use of a firearm, which is why the police approached his vehicle with extreme caution,” one X user stated. “Then he wound down his tinted windows and started shooting.”

Melissa Fine


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