Megan Rapinoe cheers on trans, non-binary runner qualifying for Team USA in 2024 Olympics

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe doubled down on her transgender agenda, celebrating trans, non-binary runner Nikki Hiltz’s qualification for Team USA in the 2024 Paris Olympic games.

Hiltz qualified after winning the Women’s 1,500-meter race over the weekend, leaving her competitors in the dust as she sailed across the finish line.

“Hiltz, a biological female identifying as transgender non-binary, set the meet record with their run at 3 minutes and 55.53 seconds. In doing so, Hiltz broke the record set by Elle St. Pierre in 2021,” the Daily Mail reported.

“They also won the 1,500-meter race at the 2023 US Championships to foreshadow their Olympic berth,” the media outlet reported bowing to pronoun political correctness.

(Video Credit: NBC Sports)

The first LGBTQ+ athlete to go public competing for Brigham Young University, Emma Gee, is Hiltz’s significant other. The media describes them as a “power couple.”

“Like many distance runners, the two are based in Flagstaff, Arizona, where they are frequently seen running the area’s many trails. Track Town USA has referred to Gee and Hiltz as one of the sport’s ‘power couples,'” the Daily Mail elaborated.

Rapinoe took to Instagram to crow over Hiltz qualifying for Team USA, according to the outlet.

This comes as the retired soccer legend was stunned into silence by reporter Katie Daviscourt from the Post Millennial during the Pride Month celebrations in Seattle when she was asked about trans athletes competing in women’s sports.

“Your US Women’s Soccer team famously lost to high school boys… do you really think it’s fair for these same boys to be competing in girls’ sports?” Daviscourt asked Rapinoe.

Rapinoe laughed at Daviscourt mid-question, turning to her fiance, Sue Bird, and muttering “Oh my god.”

The soccer player has been very vocal in advocating for trans athletes. Her silence in response to the question resulted in massive backlash and mockery.

Hiltz notably qualified for the Olympics on the last day of Pride Month.

“I told myself, I’m not going to think about all the love and support (I have) until 100 meters to go,” Hiltz told Runner’s World. “And then, at that moment, you can let it all fill you up and push you to the finish line.’ That’s exactly what I did, and I think that’s what brought me home.”

“I literally can’t believe it. I mean, this is bigger than me,” Hiltz told NBC Sports in another interview. “It’s the last day of Pride month. I wanted to run this one for my community, and yeah, all the LGBTQ folks. You guys brought me home that last hundred [meters]. I could just feel the love and support.”

Her win and qualification for the Olympics is being lauded by leftists and the media. Rapinoe is just one more loud voice on the left urging transgenders such as Hiltz to compete.

“Hiltz competed at the collegiate level at Oregon and Arkansas in the mid-2000s and garnered All-American honors in 2018. They also won a silver medal in the 2024 World Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, and gold in the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru,” the Daily Mail noted.

“Woke up an Olympian,” Hiltz bragged on Monday.

The response to Hiltz on X was explosive:


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