Men armed with rifles, body armor captured on camera crossing southern border into US

With the number of illegal immigrants who’ve crossed into the United States well north of 6 million in just over two and a half years under President Biden — with most released into the country — and tens of thousands of overdose deaths every year due to record amounts of fentanyl being smuggled in, it’s fair to wonder what it will take to stir a nation to put an end to the de facto wide open southern border.

How about men armed with rifles and wearing body armor coming into America? Do you think that will stir anyone’s consciousness?

Images showing suspected cartel gunmen coming across the U.S. southern border in Texas toting body armor and rifles were obtained by Fox News, with the network citing law enforcement sources to report that the men were seen moving through the brush Saturday evening.

“Border Patrol agents, including the agency’s BORTAC tactical unit, were deployed to the area but found nothing. It is the same area where law enforcement arrested five suspected members of the Northeast Cartel in June,” Fox News reported.

This is not the first time armed men were seen crossing the border. Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) drone operators in Eagle Pass recently spotted an armed smuggler in Eagle Pass carrying a long gun and guiding a group of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande, Fox News noted, adding that the armed man managed to make it back to Mexico.

In addition to the photos above, Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin shared a photo of a group of five suspects captured in June with guns in the same area, which he described as “a heavy cartel area with significant drug smuggling.”

“Border Patrol sources tell me armed gunmen are frequently encountered there. This was another group of suspected cartel gunmen who were arrested there in June,” he tweeted.

Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst responded to the images shared above by Melugin, tweeting: “Wow. Gunmen caught on camera crossing into the United States. If cartel members can do it, so can terrorist groups, gangs, etc. Huge difference between legitimate humanitarian claims for asylum and armed drug smugglers.”

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens also shared last week that agents captured four sex offenders, including some convicted of crimes against children, entering the U.S.

The cartels are making untold millions off the never-ending flow of drugs and the sex-trafficking that is common along the border:

Tom Tillison


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