‘Moms for Liberty’ produces receipts to counter ’60 Minutes’ spin on banning books

Corporate media’s attempt to malign Moms for Liberty after having “months to spin their narrative” was capsized by clarity when the group produced receipts.

Efforts against ideological indoctrination and for age-appropriate curriculum standards to be maintained in government-run schools have routinely been categorized as an extremist attempt to ban books by leftists and their PR pals. Such was the case Sunday night when CBS News aired Scott Pelley’s interview with Moms for Liberty.

Ahead of the premiere, in what journalist Lara Logan referred to as “the $64 million dollar question,” the activist group posited, “Recorded in Oct, @ScottPelley & producers have had months to spin their narrative. Does @60Minutes show the porn in school that parents are concerned about? Or do they censor the real story to avoid a FCC fine?”

Throughout the episode, co-founders Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice were portrayed as evasive fearmongers as segments of the interview were overlaid with lengthy exposition from Pelley whom they went on to accuse of editing out the actual evidence presented.

In one such instance, he could be heard asking, “What ideology are the children being indoctrinated into? What is your fear?” after accusing them of being “evasive” on the matter.

Justice could be heard saying, “I think parents’ fears are realized. They’re looking at these books where sexual discussions are happening with their children at younger and younger ages,” before Pelley narrated, “Tiffany Justice read from sexually explicit books written for older teens but found in a few lower schools. Most people wouldn’t want them in a lower school. But in a tactic of outrage politics, Moms for Liberty takes a kernel of truth, and concludes these examples are not rare mistakes but a plot to sexualize children.”

Descovich went on to share her response from the interview transcript where she voiced concern from parents whose children suffer with literacy, “And then they have a lesson in, in kindergarten or first grade that tells them they can choose their gender. They can be a boy or a girl. And when did that happen? I wasn’t taught that in school, guessing you weren’t taught that in school. So at what year did that change?”

“You can call it ideology, you can call it whatever you wanna call it. But what got interject and when, why, why would someone want to teach my five year old that he could be a boy or a girl, neither or both and they can change. That’s not something I believe is true,” she said in one example, addressing concerns over grooming.

Scholar James Lindsay joined others in calling out CBS News’ representation of parents’ efforts to push back on indoctrination after his social media posts were included in the segment.

Also addressing grooming, Lindsay questioned, “What word should we use for this, @ScottPelley? What word, since ‘grooming’ isn’t allowed, is appropriate to a ‘preparatory introduction to alternate modes of kinship’ based on ‘finding unique or queer aspects of themselves’?” with references to Drag Queen Story Hour.

Moms for Liberty, which CBS News had mischaracterized as having begun to fight COVID mandates, made sure to include excerpts from the books that they had shared with Pelley that leftists believe are suitable for children but risk violating federal law by being quoted on network television.

They included “This Book is Gay,” “Let’s Talk About It,” “Gender Queer” and “My Body is Growing: A Guide for 4- to 8-Year-Olds” which depict masturbatory techniques, hetero- and homosexual practices, and more.

As other users heaped shame on Pelley for his portrayal of the group and for apparently “defending groomers,” Moms for Liberty concluded, “Our message to parents is simple: We hear you. We see you. Do not give up. Even if we disagree on issues, we all deserve a voice. Parents have a God-given right to lead their child’s education. These rights do not come from the gov’t & they cannot be taken away by the gov’t.”

Kevin Haggerty


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