More bad news for Biden: Stunning 72% don’t think he’s ‘physically healthy’ enough for a second term

With Donald Trump beginning to poll ahead of President Biden in a head-to-head matchup, the feeble 80-year-old president is facing even more troubling polling about his health.

A new CBS-YouGov poll out on Sunday shows the former president ahead of Biden by 1 percent and that only 16 percent of Americans believe Biden is “physically healthy” enough to be president. Trump, who is 3 years younger, drew 43 percent from those who believe he is healthy enough.

Even more troubling for Biden, only one of three voters think he would finish a second term if reelected.

More than half believe Trump would finish out a 4-year term — those who don’t expect Biden to finish a second term are going 84 percent for Trump.

As for mental and cognitive health, 44 percent said Trump is mentally fit to serve as president, while only 26 percent believe Biden is — nearly one in four said neither man is fit to serve.

A Wall Street Journal poll out earlier this month not only showed that 73 percent of respondents believe Biden’s advanced years were a detriment to his ability to serve, but that two-thirds of Democrats agreed with that sentiment.

“Voters overwhelmingly think President Biden is too old to run for re-election and give him low marks for handling the economy and other issues important to their vote,” the WSJ reported, before noting that the results offered “a stark warning to the 80-year-old incumbent ahead of the 2024 contest.”

In what may stand out even more in the CBS poll, a whopping 64 percent say a Trump-Biden rematch makes them feel the political system is broken and 36 percent say it would make them feel that primary voters are out of touch.

The results leave one to wonder how these two candidates dominate in primary polling.

Tom Tillison


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