MSNBC propagandist stressing hard that Bannon is ‘naming names’

There is much anxiety from the propagandists at MSNBC as the prospects that former President Donald J. Trump will win the election grow better by the day.

A Trump return to the White House will also be a victory for justice with the malefactors who have weaponized the system against him being held accountable and over the weekend, former White House advisor Steve Bannon mentioned several people who could have jail time in their future.

Bannon, who himself is looking at being locked up by the regime, delivered a fiery address at a Turning Point USA event in Detroit, and his “naming names” had one MSNBC talking head stressing hard that the tables could soon be turned.

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On Sunday’s edition of “Alex Witt Reports,” a clip of Bannon’s remarks was played where he singled out top Justice Department figures including Attorney General Merrick Garland and his ruthless henchman Jack Smith.

“We’re coming after Lisa Monaco, Merrick Garland, the senior members of DOJ that are prosecuting President Trump,” Bannon said during his scorching speech. “Jack Smith. And this is not about vengeance. This is not about revenge. This is not about retribution. This is about saving this republic. We’re gonna use the Constitution and the rule of law to go after you and hold you accountable.”

“How chilling is it that Steve Bannon is naming names?” Witt asked MSNBC regular Joyce Vance, a former U.S. attorney who was appointed by Barack Obama.

“So, for somebody who says it’s not about revenge or vengeance, he seems to contradict himself pretty quickly,” Vance responded. “The career ranks at DOJ, the people who do their jobs day in and day out and are committed to the Constitution, those folks aren’t legitimate targets for retribution, and I think it’s chilling to hear what’s going on here, this is payback for Donald Trump being held accountable.”

What Vance didn’t bother pointing out is that those DOJ people “who do their jobs day in and day out” are working for a highly politicized department that is absolutely devoted to getting Trump by using any means necessary, and that means using the law as a partisan political weapon which has been a hallmark of Garland’s tenure as the head of the Justice Department. Targeting Trump and his supporters IS their job.

In his Saturday speech, Bannon also took aim at the FBI. “We’re going to take apart the FBI. The FBI, the American Gestapo… There’s not going to be any FBI.”

(Video Credit: OCPatriot)

He also told the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s very simple: victory or death,” comments that have already been distorted to falsely claim that he’s calling for violence.

Witt also plugged a New York Times report – another Maggie Haberman special – about the “resistance” to Trump from a “sprawling network of Democratic officials, progressive activists, watchdog groups and ex-Republicans” that “has been taking extraordinary steps to prepare for a potential second Trump presidency,” another example of how those who have used lawfare against their political enemies are now very fearful of being on the receiving end of the consequences for the new precedent that they’ve set.

Chris Donaldson


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