MTG rejects talking points on Ukraine, does not buy that Putin has eyes on Europe: I don’t believe the lies’

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) spoke with Steve Bannon on his podcast Thursday and doubled down on why she doesn’t support aid for Ukraine in its fight against Russia, claiming that she doesn’t believe President Vladimir Putin intends to invade the rest of Europe.

She made her point while railing against the Mexican cartels who are killing Americans every day while the Biden administration does next to nothing about it. Greene’s contention is that the Ukraine war with Russia is not our fight and we should instead be using our money, weaponry, and potentially our military might on our southern border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and deadly drugs.

“That’s the whole point, that we’re over there in Ukraine is ridiculous. We’re propping up their government, paying for Zelenskyy’s salary, that people’s retirement over there and their entire government keeping the lights on,” Greene claimed.

“We’re paying for a war, a proxy war with Russia when I’ve never seen Putin actually show in any detail his plans to invade Europe. No one has shown me that. So I don’t believe the lies that I’m being told about this,” she added.

“You know, but we have a real war that has been declared on America, and they’re killing over 300 people a day, and that’s being waged by the Mexican cartels, not the Mexican government, but the Mexican cartels that is basically running our border and obviously controlling our country,” Greene asserted.

Here is a longer cut of the interview for context:

European leaders are very nervous over Russia’s presence on their borders. Finland and Poland are keeping their military on alert and are patrolling to make sure there are no incursions. Sweden and Finland are reportedly working on joining NATO out of fear of Russian aggression.

In March of last year, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko appeared to accidentally broadcast a plan for the Russian invasion of Moldova. And that plan is still in place and quite possible.

Lukashenko, Putin’s ally in invading Ukraine, “stood in front of a battle command map that appeared to show a planned attack from southern Ukraine into Moldova, a former Soviet republic that borders Ukraine and Romania,” reported the New York Post.

“If the conflict escalates beyond Ukraine, Moldova is one of the places that ranks highest on the list,” Adriano Bosoni, who is the director of analysis at risk management firm Rane, told CNBC last March.

Earlier this week reports from US intelligence agencies claimed that Russia was fomenting protest movements in Moldova in an attempt to topple the nation’s government, according to the Associated Press.

Last year, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “the greatest security crisis in Europe since the Second World War” during the organization’s summit in Madrid, according to Newsweek.

At that summit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that if Putin was left unchecked he could take aim at NATO countries next.

Last week, Russia took down a US drone over international waters in the Black Sea. They wasted no time and have ships there now retrieving US technology, according to Fox News.

The US finds itself in a perilous position as it defends Ukraine from Russian aggression. The conflict appears to be drawing in China on Russia’s side and could spark another world war. Critics contend that we are also depleting our military of the resources we need to protect ourselves while dumping billions of dollars we don’t have into the conflict.

If we don’t bolster Ukraine, we risk Russian and Chinese communist expansionism. One thing is almost certain to many observers… Putin has had plans on the table for invading other countries for a long time.

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