‘Mueller’s pitbull’ claims Trump should want a trial to clear his name

“Innocent until proven guilty.”

It’s the cornerstone of America’s judicial system–an assumption guaranteed to every accused individual.

Unless you’re Donald Trump.

If you’re Donald Trump, you should welcome a trial so you can clear your name.

Previously the lead prosecutor in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office and the former General Counsel for the FBI, Andrew Weissmann is now a legal analyst for MSNBC, and that’s the absurd professional advice he had for President Joe Biden’s political rival.

Weissmann noted on X that the Supreme Court “has given Trump a huge win” in agreeing on Wednesday to take up Trump’s presidential immunity appeal. As BizPac Review reported, oral arguments are slated for the week of April 22, 2024, meaning the trial in his election interference case in the lower court will remain on hold.

The decision from the nation’s high court is only a win, Weissman wrote, “because Trump wants to do anything to avoid a pubic [sic] trial where the facts of his guilt would be presented for all to see.”

“An innocent person running for office would want to clear his name,” he stated.

As multiple users on X noted, it’s advice Weissmann “would not give to his own clients.”

“This douche waffle is supposed to be a lawyer and a law professor!” exclaimed one disgusted user. “As most 3rd graders know, American citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The phrasing of his sh**ty little point gives up the game – Weissmann and his ilk are fascists.”

Others reasoned that what is good for the goose should motivate the gander to stand trial, too.

“So Biden should volunteer to stand trial in his classified documents case then,” one user wrote. “An innocent person running for office would want to clear his name.”

Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Weissmann argued that, with their ruling, the Supreme Court effectively granted Trump the immunity he has been seeking.

“I’m very pessimistic … I think ultimately, they will not grant immunity in this case, but they have given him the win because the D.C. case, let’s just face it, is on life support now,” Weissmann said.

“It is really, really hard to figure out how this case gets to trial before the election,” the analyst continued. “I think that’s the end result of what they did here. So they may ultimately say that he does not have immunity, but, in fact, he will have been given immunity because the case will not go to trial before the election, meaning if Joe Biden wins, the case goes forward, but if he loses, the case is over.”


Melissa Fine


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