Murkowski says she ‘can’t get behind’ Trump, future in GOP is vague

The media is running with a rather coy remark from Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) about her future with the Republican Party, suggesting an exit could be in the cards — the dirty little secret here is the liberal politician is truly a Republican in name only.

Murkowski was clear on Sunday that she would not “get behind” presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump when approached in the halls of Congress by CNN reporter Manu Raju — the senator endorsed former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley last month ahead of her Super Tuesday bloodbath.

“I wish that as Republicans, we had a nominee that I could get behind. I certainly can’t get behind Donald Trump,” she said.

With the media always eager to drive a wedge among Republicans, Raju asked Murkowski if she was considering an independent run and she replied, “Oh, I think I’m very independent-minded. I just regret that our party is seemingly becoming a party of Donald Trump.”

Not satisfied that he had the desired money quote, Raju asked Murkowski about the possibility of caucusing independent of the Republican Party and she served up this coy offering, “I am navigating my way through some very interesting political times. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Murkowski essentially inherited her Senate seat from her father, former Gov. Frank Murkowski, who appointed her to replace him in 2002 when he was elected governor — talk about nepotism. She would be booted by Republican voters in 2010, during the height of the Tea Party movement, only to infamously mount a write-in campaign to defeat GOP nominee Joe Miller.

She is up for reelection again in 2028 after voters backed her for a fourth term in 2022. Murkowski is one of seven GOP senators to vote to convict Trump after his sham impeachment over the Jan. 6 Capitol protest, and the only one to survive a reelection bid. Four of the seven remain in the Senate.

Tom Tillison


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