‘Naked power grab’: Jim Jordan shreds Dems over Justice Alito story

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan ripped into Democrats over their “ridiculous” story about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Describing the faux outrage over a flag-flying incident as a “naked power grab,” the Ohio Republican declared the “charade is about politics and power” in an opinion piece published Monday in Newsweek.

Democrat senators launched a pressure campaign against Alito to get him to recuse himself from SCOTUS cases that may involve former President Donald Trump. Targeting the justice for flying an upside-down American flag outside his house in Virginia, Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) sent Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts a letter demanding Alito not take part in the upcoming cases.

Alito essentially told Democrats to pound sand and refused to recuse himself over something his wife did.

“But these facts don’t matter to Democrats. By their logic, Justice Alito is somehow responsible for the hidden messages embedded in his wife’s flag-flying hobby. And these secret meanings—perceptible, it seems, only to partisan Democrats—are so obvious and reckless that the only appropriate recourse is Justice Alito’s recusal,” Jordan wrote in his op-ed.

“Democrats can’t really believe this nonsense, right?” he added, accusing Democrats of “manufacturing a scandal out of thin air.”

Jordan called out Rep. Jamie Raskin as well, noting that the SCOTUS Code of Conduct “appropriately reflects that a justice is presumed to be impartial and should only recuse in extraordinary circumstances.”

“Democrats are predictably already lecturing about the Supreme Court’s ‘crisis’ of ethics and the ‘need’ to pack the Court with six additional (Biden-appointed) Justices to rid the Court of its taint of scandal,” Jordan wrote, adding g that Americans can “see through the Democrats’ scaremongering.”

“They know Democrats didn’t demand that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recuse herself from a case about President Trump’s tax returns even after she criticized him for not releasing his tax returns. They know Democrats never question the ethics of justices appointed by Democrat presidents. And they know Democrats have a double standard when it comes to the family members of liberal judges, like Judge Juan Merchan in Manhattan,” Jordan contended.

“Americans see these attacks for what they are: a blatantly political effort to intimidate Justice Alito and influence the Supreme Court’s work. The attacks won’t work, and they must stop,” he concluded.

Former President Trump was found guilty of 34 felony charges in his hush-money case in New York and is awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on immunity in the Jan. 6 investigation case. Jordan is looking to “defund the lawfare activities” of state and federal prosecutors in an appropriations package proposal.

“The Committee on the Judiciary and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government continue to conduct vigorous oversight over the Biden Administration in an effort to protect Americans’ fundamental freedoms,” the Ohio Republican wrote to House Appropriations Chairman Tom Cole (R-OK), Fox News reported.

The lawmaker said he has been looking at “the troubling rise in politicized prosecutions and the use of abusive ‘lawfare’ tactics to target political opponents” over the past year.

“We have seen rogue prosecutors abuse the rules of professional conduct and their duty to do justice in service of politicized ends,” he said.

The congressman is looking “to eliminate federal funding for state prosecutors or state attorneys general involved in lawfare and to zero out federal funding for federal prosecutors engaged in such abuse” in a 2025 fiscal year appropriations package.

He expressed to Chairman Cole that Congress should be “reining in abusive federal law enforcement agencies.”

“We recommend that the Appropriations Committee include language to eliminate any funding for the FBI that is not essential for the agency to execute its mission, including rescinding prior appropriations and prohibiting new taxpayer funding for any new FBI headquarters facility,” he wrote. “We also recommend tying funding for the FBI to specific policy changes – such as requiring the FBI to record interviews – that will promote accountability and transparency at the FBI.”

Frieda Powers


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