Nashville community fights back to save local butcher after blue state NEWCOMER moves in and sues

An East Nashville community is fighting back after a local business owner was sued by a newcomer from California.

Roy Meat Service (RMS) has spent thousands on legal fees after the lawsuit was filed by the complainant identified as Natalie Castillo, WZTV reported.

“The Roy family has owned this business for about a decade and the neighbor sued them last January,” reportedly because the woman “can’t stand the smell of meat.” according to the news station. “The GoFundMe Page for RMS says the legal battle has already cost the Roy’s more than $20,000 and they’re now asking friends and customers to help.”

“Despite the constant humility and generosity shown by the Roy Family, they have found themselves at the center of an egregious lawsuit, and victims of constant harassment that has greatly impacted their financial situation,” the GoFundMe page for the business reads.

The page notes:

On June 17, 2021, Roy Meat Service’s new neighbor expressed belief that RMS is a “nuisance,” with the smell of meat cooking. What seems like a very frivolous thing has now become a legal battle. There has been 46 complaints filed against RMS to city and State agencies about the property, and to Metro Codes regarding 605 South 19th Street, the address of Roy Meat Service. The complaints include “concerns” about the establishment’s fencing, lightning, “junk” on the store’s property, and even the store front’s sign.

To date, Jeff has spent more than $20,000 on costs of excessive renovations based on the complaints, and legal fees to cover representation in the pending lawsuit.
This has been a nightmare for Jeff and Christie. The lawsuit against RMS has not only become a financial burden to the Roy family, but has inflicted extreme emotional distress.


Residents have been vocal in their support for the business owner.

“I think it’s very unfair to them to have to do that. You know they’ve had this business. They do things for the community and for people to just come in and put them through that is just wrong,” Janice McCormick, a longtime customer, told WZTV.

“I’m a small business owner myself, so my heart’s out for them. I mean that’s probably a lot of stress, emotional and financial, so I fully support them and what they’re doing,” Laura Lemon said.

Music video director and former GOP congressional candidate Robby Starbuck leveled a blistering rebuke of the woman and her “narcissistic lawsuit.”

“Some great people have moved to TN in recent years. You are not one of them. You left CA but what made CA fail LIVES IN YOU. It’s an ideology and we don’t want it here in TN,” Stabuck wrote in a post on X.

“Go home. California is where you belong,” he continued. “We will protect TN like an anti-parasitic to guard against the destruction voters like you wrought upon states like California, New York and Illinois. Tennesseans will not let TN turn into CA. That’s a promise.”

“RMS is one of the only truly ‘local’ spots left in the growing community of East Nashville,” the GoFundMe page notes.

Frieda Powers


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