NBC News reports Trump critics fear reprisals if he returns to the White House, mockery ensues

NBC News is facing steep mockery for pushing fear-mongering propaganda about former President Donald Trump’s potential return to office.

In a so-called report published Thursday, the far-left outlet warned that Trump’s fiercest critics are afraid he’ll retaliate against them with unfair prosecution and worse if he’s reelected to office.

“Interviews with more than a dozen people who’ve run afoul of Trump for various reasons reveal deep worry among many that he will seek revenge if he wins another term,” the ridiculous piece reads.

“They are considering ways to protect themselves should he use the office’s vast powers to punish them over grievances that he’s been nursing,” it continues.

As a reminder, upon assuming office the first time in 2017, then-President Trump graciously dropped the idea of prosecuting his enemy, disgraced former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Conversely, upon assuming office in 2021, current President Joe Biden’s administration began pursuing lawfare against Trump.

“Fearful of being hounded by investigators, prosecuted or stripped of their livelihoods, some are planning to leave the country if Trump is sworn in,” NBC News’ propaganda piece continues.

“Others are consulting attorneys or setting aside money to fight back in case they’re targeted either by Trump’s administration or by his Republican allies in Congress,” the piece reads.

“It’s terrifying,” disgraced former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham told NBC News. “I’ve been saving money and making other arrangements.”

Mark Zaid, the attorney who represented the partisan whistleblower in Trump’s first impeachment, is also allegedly fearful.

“I know of many prominent ‘never Trump’ advocates, including many Republicans, who are considering their options to leave the country were Trump to win in November,” he said.

“It would be foolish of me, and others similarly situated, not to be concerned of what a second, more emboldened, vindictive and lawless Trump administration would look like,” he added.

Zaid can be found on the social media platform X raising money against so-called “offensive MAGA litigation warfare.”

Then there’s Sarah Matthews, a former Trump administration press aide who testified against Trump during the phony Jan. 6th committee hearings.

“The idea of Donald Trump coming after you is a scary thought,” she whined to NBC News. “But I knew that this whole situation that our country faces is bigger than just me.”

All this complaining, whining, and gnashing of teeth has been too much for critics like Joe Concha of Fox News.

“The irony beyond ironies in the DNC press release is that the very political retribution NBC News is taking (sic) about here literally is happening to Trump *before* the election,” he tweeted Friday.

Exactly. Everything they claim Trump will do upon assuming office is already being done NOW by the Biden administration.

See more criticism and sarcastic mockery (from Glenn Greenwald) below:

Note what one critic tweeted: “Just imagine if democrats had to face half of what they did to Trump.”


Over the course of the last eight years, they’ve targeted him with the fake Russian collusion delusion hoax and conspiracy theory, targeted him with the fake Ukraine phone call impeachment, targeted him with the Jan. 6th impeachment, and targeted him with endless lawsuits.

If and when Trump does retaliate, which most conservatives suspect he never will because he’s a genuinely nice guy, it’ll be fully deserved.

Vivek Saxena


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