Sen. Cotton takes flamethrower to ‘racist, preposterously woke, Hamas-sympathizing’ Google AI

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) slammed Google’s “racist, preposterously woke” Gemini AI chatbot over its gross historical inaccuracy in producing images of white people.

Examples of the tech giant’s new picture-creation tool were further evidence that systemic racism really does exist with it now having been established that the discrimination against and demonizing of whites is acceptable, from the White House to Corporate America and especially in Silicon Valley.

The Arkansas Republican didn’t hold back in a blistering post to X in which he took a flamethrower to Google and pointed out that the equally racist federal government’s control over AI would be a complete disaster.

“Google deserves condemnation for creating a racist, preposterously woke, Hamas-sympathizing AI system,” Cotton said. “Republican lawmakers will remember this the next time Google comes asking for antitrust help.”

“But the problem also lies at the White house which has pressured tech firms to infuse ‘equity’ in AI–which is a way to rig the system to be biased against conservatives,” the senator added in another post linking to President Joe Biden’s executive order on Artificial Intelligence.

“This debacle is a good reminder of why federal control over AI would be a disaster,” Cotton wrote. “It would force every AI system to be as broken and as dishonest as Google’s.”

The stunningly biased AI product drew a fierce backlash after social media users posted results showing that, much like the left-wing cultural terrorists who have torn town statues of the Founding Fathers and other historic white figures, Gemini was inherently racist.

“I’m glad that Google overplayed their hand with their AI image generation, as it made their insane racist, anti-civilizational programming clear to all,” billionaire X owner Elon Musk said.

“We’re working to improve these kinds of depictions immediately,” Gemini Experiences Senior Director of Product Management Jack Krawczyk said in a statement. “Gemini’s AI image generation does generate a wide range of people. And that’s generally a good thing, because people around the world use it. But it’s missing the mark here.”

Krawczyk is alleged to have a history of expressing anti-white bigotry and leftist sentiment on social media.

“White privilege is f**king real,” Krawczyk allegedly wrote in a 2018 tweet, according to screenshots posted to X. “Don’t be an a**hole and act guilty about it – do your part in recognizing bias at all levels of egregious.”

“We’re already working to address recent issues with Gemini’s image generation feature. While we do this, we’re going to pause the image generation of people and will re-release an improved version soon,” Google said in a statement.

Chris Donaldson


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