Never-Trumper David French vilifies growing number of young, right-wing men, conveniently omits KEY detail

The incessant whining and smearing from the left voicing hatred for young, white right-wing men is neverending, and no one is more tedious or bleat-worthy than Never-Trumper, writer David French.

French wrote an op-ed at The New York Times whose banality is only outdone by its sheer bias and bigotry worthy of the most depraved on the left.

It keeps happening. Since the ascendance of Donald Trump, with depressing regularity, right-wing men have been outed for using the most vile rhetoric. In private chats and sometimes in full view of the public on social media, they’ll engage in blatantly racist, sexist and homophobic speech, flirt with fascist imagery and then often disavow their words and actions the instant they’re caught,” he asserts in the piece.

There has been considerable pushback to French’s tirade against right-wing men and X user Frank DeScushin pointed out the dirty little detail that French conveniently never mentions. Men, especially white men, have increasingly been vilified for their ‘privilege’ and the color of their skin. What could be more threatening to the Democrat Party, radical left, and people like French than a growing coalition of young, white males beginning to stand up for themselves and fight back?

DeScushin’s post continued:

“French intentionally omits that it’s hatred directed at young men, particularly white ones, pushing them right and leading them to respond in kind. It’s a reaction to the Left’s anti-white, anti-male rhetoric which is growing in both number and volume.

French doesn’t doesn’t want his readers to truly understand what motivates young  right-wing men, and perhaps even sympathize with them. He wants to confirm the bias New York Times readers have against them.”

David French says, “Hatred, combined with masculine insecurity and cowardice, is herding young right-wing men into outright bigotry and prejudice.”

French also went out of his way to smear the DeSantis campaign and failed at it.

The examples are legion, and they’re not coming from fringe outlets on the American right. For example, last month, the Ron DeSantis campaign parted ways with a young speechwriter named Nate Hochman who reportedly inserted a Nazi sonnenrad symbol into a pro-DeSantis video online. Hochman was previously under fire for telling Nick Fuentes, a notorious white supremacist, that Fuentes was ‘probably a better influence’ than the conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro ‘on young men who might otherwise be conservative,'” he wrote.

He also hit out at another fringe person named Pedro Gonzales whom he tied to Breitbart and referenced as a “DeSantis supporter,” as if that had anything to do with someone’s skewed views. As he would put it, examples are “legion” on the left of those who say similar things and many times they are far, far worse. Gonzales even wrote for the New York Times.

“Hochman is not alone. In June the right-wing publication Breitbart published group chats and private messages from Pedro Gonzalez, a popular online influencer and DeSantis supporter, which included comments like ‘Whites are the only hope nonwhites have of living civilized lives’ and ‘The only tactical consideration of Jews is screening them for movements,’ along with a host of other comments not suitable for a family publication,” French continued.

Anyone can join a chat room. Simply supporting a conservative such as DeSantis is evidently damning in French’s world. He went on to dig up other examples that are decades old, and seemingly personal, to make his point. Weak tea at best and definitely a desperate stretch. Someone might also want to point out to French that racists are abundant on the left.

He has a special hatred for Christians and anyone connected to Tucker Carlson, it would seem.

“Terrible stuff. And even more terrible is the realization that I could fill this entire column with other examples of right-wing bigotry, from Christian nationalists, a former Trump speechwriter, a former Daily Caller editor and one of Tucker Carlson’s former top writers. And this is hardly a complete list. The problem is so widespread that Aaron Sibarium, a rising star reporter for The Washington Free Beacon, recently posted, ‘Whenever I’m on a career advice panel for young conservatives, I tell them to avoid group chats that use the N-word or otherwise blur the line between edgelording and earnest bigotry,'” he quoted,  accusing all of them of unfounded bigotry and mixing subjects to point a crooked finger at those he dislikes.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

“What is going on? Why are parts of the right — especially the young right — so infested with outright racists and bigots?” French asked, basing his argument on a flawed and false premise.

“As I survey the right — especially the young, so-called new right — I see a movement in the grip of some rather simple but powerful cultural forces. Hatred, combined with masculine insecurity and cowardice, is herding young right-wing men into outright bigotry and prejudice. Contrary to their self-conception, they’re not strong or tough or courageous. They’re timid sheep in wolves’ clothing, moving exactly where the loudest and most aggressive voices tell them to,” he spewed.

“To understand the cultural dynamic, I want to introduce you to an obscure online concept, no enemies to the right. A tiny fringe adopts this mind-set as a conscious ethos, but for a much larger group, it is simply their cultural reality. In their minds, the left is so evil — and represents such an existential threat — that any accommodation of it (or any criticism of the right) undermines the forces of light in their great battle against the forces of darkness. Attack the left in the most searing terms, and you’ll enjoy the thunderous applause of your peers. Criticize the new right, and you can experience a vicious backlash. The result is a relentless pull to the extremes,” French asserted.

And what would a leftist scree be without a slap at the late great Ronald Reagan?

“In fact, one of their prime reproofs of what they might call the zombie right, the Reagan right of their parents’ generation, is that it was simply too accommodating. As they see it, classical liberal politics, which preserve free speech and robust debate as a priority, emboldened and empowered the left. Compromise, in their view, ran only one way, and conservatism conserved nothing. The left, in their mind, is winning the culture war in a rout,” French charged.

“And here’s where masculine insecurity enters the equation. To the new right, their opposition to the left is so obviously correct that only moral cowardice or financial opportunism (‘grifting’) can explain any compromise. To fight on the right — mainly by trolling on social media or embracing authoritarianism as the based alternative to weak-kneed classical liberalism — is seen as strong, courageous and cool. It’s a sign of a fierce and independent mind,” said the man whining over being attacked on social media.

French advises conservatives to leave social media altogether and leave it to leftists. Bend the knee and capitulate to your betters, if you will, in order to not become evil. Advice that he himself eschews.

“In the meantime, these angry online sheep can still bite. They’re using their platforms to whip countless Americans into their own frenzy of fear. We should expect more bigotry and more revelations. Dark words spoken in secret will spill out into the public square. The lost boys of the American right corrupt our culture. Full of fury against their opponents and afraid of running afoul of their ‘friends,’ they poison our politics and damage their own souls,” he concluded.

The leftist alluded to more unrest that does not occur in a vacuum but is instead proliferated by soulless leftists such as French himself who apparently harbors a deep and abiding hatred for conservatism.

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