Never-Trumper Frank Luntz warns seizing his properties will backfire BIGLY

Political pollster Frank Luntz is no fan of Donald Trump but he sees the former president back in the White House if the current persecution against him continues.

Luntz issued a direct message to New York Attorney General Letitia James and warned that the legal machinations against the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee could backfire, speaking specifically about reports that James may be preparing to seize Trump properties as part of the civil fraud case she brought against him.

During a CNN panel discussion, Luntz cautioned the New York AG not to “play politics” lest her efforts propel Trump to a victory in November.

“I want you to remember this moment, and don’t forget it. If the New York Attorney General starts to take his homes away, starts to seize his assets, it’s all going to be on camera,” Luntz said on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“Pundits are going to sit there and scream about this, ‘This man cannot be elected.’ You’re going to create the greatest victimhood of 2024, and you’re going to elect Donald Trump,” he told fill-in hosts John Berman and Phil Mattingly.

“If they take his stuff, he’s going to say that this is proof that the federal government and the establishment in the swamp in Washington, and all the politicians across the country and the attorneys general and all of this, that this is a conspiracy to deny him the presidency,” Luntz predicted.

CNN reported Friday:

The New York attorney general’s office has filed judgments in Westchester County, the first indication that the state is preparing to try to seize Donald Trump’s golf course and private estate north of Manhattan, known as Seven Springs.

State lawyers entered the judgments with the clerk’s office in Westchester County on March 6, just one week after Judge Arthur Engoron made official his $464 million decision against Trump, his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and the Trump Organization.


Luntz predicted the continued efforts to ‘get Trump’ will work in the former president’s favor.

“He’s going to go up in the polls just like he went up every single time they indicted him. The indictment, and let’s not talk about whether it’s justified or not, but it will prove the things that he’s saying on the campaign trail, and he will go up, and it may just elect him president,” he said. “Do not forget that.”

Looking into the camera, the pollster gave James a direct message.

“And I say this to the attorney general right now, if you play politics on this, this is what the Secretaries of State did in Colorado, and what they did in, I believe is Maine, his numbers went up in both states. I don’t understand. I’m almost speechless in how pathetic the opposition to Trump has been and how completely misguided. And this is a perfect example of it,” he said.

“How is Donald Trump beating [President] Joe Biden? He’s got 85 indictments that still exist. Felonies. How is he beating Joe Biden? With the economy getting better and things cleaning up?” he asked before admitting, “Okay, we [still have] inflation. You still got immigration. Trump is leading. And in the seven swing states, Trump is up by the margin of error in five out of seven.”

But Luntz credited Trump’s poll numbers to a “horrible” campaign against him and not to the actual policy failures of President Joe Biden.

“Why is that happening? Because his critics are stupid and they’re running a horrible campaign. And for those people who do not want Donald Trump back, they should be thankful that the people who are orchestrating his loss are as pathetic and they don’t understand the American people,” he blustered.

Don Peebles, a former fundraiser for then-President Obama, echoed Luntz’s views, telling Fox News’s Neil Cavuto that “Trump continues to rise in the polls because they are making him into a martyr.”

“I think she made a mistake. I think this whole case against Trump, it’s a victimless case. It should have never been brought,” Peebles said on “Your World” Thursday. “And had it not been him, it never would have been brought because they have never brought a case like this before against any other business or business person.”

Frieda Powers


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