New details emerge to deepen mystery of 3 Chiefs fans found frozen to death in backyard

New details about the three men who allegedly froze to death in a Kansas City backyard have only helped to deepen the mystery.

According to a new report, another friend has come forward with details that could shed some light on the deaths of 38-year-old Ricky Johnson, 36-year-old Clayton McGeeney and 37-year-old David Harrington. The trio was found outside Jordan Willis’ Missouri rental where the friends had gathered to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play their last regular season game on Jan. 7.

Questions about the confusing timeline of events and what exactly happened as well as statements from Willis’ attorney John Picerno have frustrated family members of the victims who want answers.

“In a statement Saturday, Picerno said the last time Willis saw the three men was when they left the house and he went to bed. But then Picerno confirmed to FOX4 on Monday that a fifth person was present and still there with the three victims when Willis went to sleep,” Fox4 reported.

“At some point, he got tired and went to sleep while there were these guys in the home, and as I know now there was a couple of other people in the home,” the attorney said Monday.

“Now one day later, Picerno said he misspoke. The attorney said Willis escorted the men to the door, said their goodbyes, then went back to the couch and fell asleep,” the news outlet noted.

According to Fox4

FOX4 spoke with the fifth person who was at the home via phone. At this point, we’re not naming him.

He said when he left, the three victims and Willis were still awake. He stressed that it’s absolutely not true that he was the last person to see the three men alive.

After asking a few more questions, he directed FOX4 to his attorney, Andrew Talge.


According to the attorney, the fifth person arrived at the house around 7 p.m. and left around midnight, stressing that the four friends were watching Jeopardy at the time he departed.

“Picerno has said multiple times, that the only messages Willis received were via Facebook Messenger; he didn’t receive any text messages or calls,” Fox4 noted. “But Talge disputes part of that, saying sometime Tuesday, his client received a text message from Clayton McGeeney’s fiancée and from Ricky Johnson’s mother, asking about their loved ones.”

It was McGeeney’s fiancée who requested a welfare check when she could not reach him which led to the discovery of the bodies.

Autopsy and toxicology results are still pending as police investigate and Willis, who is not facing any charges at this point, has reportedly since moved out of the home.

“Somebody has to end up in custody over it regardless of any situation. They are at your house and three people are dead,” Caleb McGeeney, the cousin of Clayton McGeeney, told Fox4.

Frieda Powers


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