New York town in legal battle to block migrants from local childcare center

A wealthy New York town is locked in a legal battle to prevent a local childcare center from taking in migrant children as a part of refugee resettlement efforts.

The town of Mount Pleasant in Westchester County was sued by the Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA) in a dispute over whether illegal alien kids can be housed at Pleasantville Cottage School and has filed a countersuit against the organization which has a deal with the US Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The JCCA sued the town and Mount Pleasant Supervisor Carl Fulgenzi over an emergency order prohibiting town entities from accepting and housing migrants relocated from New York City, accusing him of creating a “sham emergency” to keep the illegals out.

“The town’s orders are unconstitutional on their face and as applied,” the lawsuit said, according to the New York Post. “By reason of the foregoing, [the town] — and those they serve, the children — have suffered traceable harm as a direct result of the town’s orders.”

The town reacted by filing its own lawsuit against the JCCA seeking an injunction to keep the migrant children out of the school, a residential treatment center for kids with behavioral issues that has a history of problems that have required a police response.

Last summer, Fulgenzi and the town called for the school to be closed down “because, in the first six months of 2023, there were more than 450 calls to the site, including multiple violent offenses,” the Examiner News reported.

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“As we disclosed last year, JCCA is attempting to house migrant children. We have contended time and time again that their facility is unsafe for the population they serve, let alone any more residents. Their staff is regularly put in danger and our emergency services are constantly being pulled to the campus for unruly behavior. How can we trust they would properly care for these additional children,” Fulgenzi said, according to the Yonkers Times.

The town’s lawsuit argues that creating a migrant shelter at the school would be a violation of the zoning code.

“We’re not enforcing the order against them so I don’t know why they’re suing us on that,” Town Attorney Darius Chafizadeh said, according to the Examiner News. “But it’s definitely a zoning issue. They can’t have a shelter on that campus. It’s not allowed under the zoning code.”

“By filing this action, the town is simply seeking to enforce its zoning laws,” Fulgenzi said in a statement. “The JCCA announcement to us that they were creating and opening a shelter is in clear violation of those laws.”

The JCCA is accusing Fulgenzi of being a racist, stating that he shared a picture on his personal Facebook account that read, “European Christians built this nation… they didn’t come to b**ch, collect welfare, wage jihad, and replace the American Constitution with Sharia law,” according to, and shared another image that stated,  “Close our borders. Let’s see how many shares we can get.”

Neither of the images were created by Fulgenzi who only shared them but they make for a convenient excuse to accuse his actions of being motivated by a personal animus for foreigners.

Chris Donaldson


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