Newsweek eviscerated for declaring Justice Clarence Thomas an ‘enemy to Black people’

Newsweek is ridiculously claiming that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who is black, is an enemy of black people.

The hatred thrown Thomas’ way by the Left is neverending and simply off the deep end. Because he’s a black conservative and a constitutional originalist, Democrats brand him an “Uncle Tom.”

Their unhinged mantra that Justice Thomas should recuse himself from cases because his wife, a Trump supporter, somehow played a part in attempting to overturn the last presidential election goes on and on and on.

Newsweek decided it is time once again, in the midst of an election year, to do a hit piece on the Supreme Court Justice

The author of the hit piece is Ameshia Cross who is proclaiming that she just simply can’t celebrate Thomas during Black History Month. Instead, she trashes him over politics.

“His betrayals began before he was on the Supreme Court. Before becoming a justice, Thomas worked on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) during the Reagan administration. While there, he fought the use of class-action lawsuits to enforce workplace discrimination laws,” she wrote bringing up former President Ronald Reagan who is also deeply hated by the Left.

“Thomas also had a tumultuous confirmation hearing amid allegations from Anita Hill that he’d sexually harassed her. Hill’s testimony should have ended his career then and there, but a Black woman with credible claims of abuse in 1991 wasn’t believed anymore than the majority of Black women who were systemically erased from the #MeToo movement today are believed,” Cross declared.

Hill’s claims were never proven but she was the prototype for leftist women to go after conservative Republican men using the weaponization of gender and race to do so.

“Thomas escaped accountability. The gift he gave Black America in return was aiding and abetting white supremacy while cloaked in a judicial robe. The positions Thomas has taken paint a clear picture that he is averse to considerations of race in any and all programs, despite the persistent and evidenced inequality present in housing, education, healthcare, and employment,” Cross sneered.

“Take the fight to access the ballot, one Blacks have fought for generations. From not having the right to vote at all to poll taxes, literacy tests, gerrymandering, redistricting, and voter intimidation, you name it, Black voters faced it,” she stated attempting to resurrect racial animosity. “But those facts don’t stop Justice Thomas for fighting to keep people who look like him from the polls.”

Evidently, Black History Month is only for black liberals, not black conservatives. Therefore, Thomas is excluded by the Left.

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