‘Next to impossible’ to shield your children from ‘woke’ ideology, says Babylon Bee CEO

There should no longer be any serious argument that the central tenet of the “woke” left’s cultural revolution is the focus on the indoctrination of children, particularly when it comes to seducing them into transgenderism, and the poisoning of young minds has become so pervasive that it’s now nearly impossible to stop, at least according to Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon.

The driving force behind the popular satirical website, which boasts stories with headlines that are uncomfortably close to reality, gave his thoughts on the virulent mind virus that has already infected millions of Americans in an exclusive talk with Fox News Digital.

“I have a nine-year-old, I have a seven-year-old. Protecting them from this stuff is next to impossible because it’s everywhere,” he said.

(Video: Fox News Digital)

Dillon expressed particular concern over a study from the Manhattan Institute that found that nearly 90 percent of Americans aged 18-20 have been exposed to the toxically anti-white racist teachings of Critical Race Theory in classrooms with 74 percent saying that they had heard of gender concepts.

He described gender ideology as “the most extreme and insane example of a poisonous idea being planted in the minds of children.”

“Leftists want you to think trans identification is on the rise among youth because our culture is more accepting than ever, but that’s a disgraceful lie,” Dillon said. “The confusion isn’t pre-existing in kids’ minds, it’s being planted there. We’re cultivating confusion and then treating it with affirmation.”

“Children should be instructed and corrected, not confused and then affirmed,” he added.

The saturation effect of incessant propaganda and indoctrination on the young and vulnerable seems working like a charm, a shocking recent CDC study found that one in four high schoolers now identify as LGBTQ+ or gender confused.

“The best thing that you can do for them is not put them in public schools where they’re going to be beaten over the head with this stuff,” Dillon said, telling the outlet that his own kids are in Christian school but he would home-school them if tuition was too costly. “Keep them as far away from public schools as possible.”

He also expressed concern about sending his kids to college when the time comes with the nation’s higher education institutions essentially having been transformed into indoctrination mills, a major problem that has increased attention in recent years.

“You’re just rolling the dice and hoping that your kids are going to come out of there without completely changing their worldview and hating you and resenting you,” Dillon said. “I don’t know why I would pay somebody to indoctrinate my kids.” he continued, adding that when the time comes, he plans to be very selective in scrutinizing available options.

Dillon recommended parents provide their kids with “a foundation of a worldview before they go into a place that’s going to try to tear that down,” before sending them off to college.

“You can’t just set your kids free with no foundation whatsoever into a college that’s just going to warp and twist their mind and values,” he said.

“In terms of the ideas themselves that are gaining traction and popularity in our culture and what it’s doing to kids — not just their mental health, but their innocence — I’m extremely unhappy with the direction that we’re going in,” the Bee CEO added. “Drag shows for kids are everywhere.”

“It’s in all the media and entertainment, it’s in the schools, it’s coming from the top down,” he said, opining that he thinks that the country is more”morally depraved” than ever.

“It’s important to not just refute these things, but to actually ridicule and mock them,” he said of the Babylon Bee. “We were not helped by taking them seriously.”

“I do think that we’ve gone so extreme in one direction that a lot of reasonable people are pushing back and becoming very vocal,” he said of the growing pushback against the woke ideology. “You see parents at these school board meetings really speaking up and getting motivated.”

“So I haven’t lost all my hope yet,” Dillon added.

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