Nikki Haley accused of being ‘inauthentic,’ choking up about her military hubby

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has been a darling of Democrats but Sunny Hostin isn’t among those swooning over frontrunner Donald J. Trump’s sole remaining primary opponent.

Haley sucked the media into what many believed would be her surrender to Trump and instead gave a defiant speech in which she seemed to choke up about missing her military husband who’s currently deployed, pure catnip for the press but Hostin wasn’t buying it.

During a discussion about the former South Carolina governor and U.S. ambassador to the UN’s speech on Wednesday’s edition of the ABC daytime gabfest, Hostin stunned her fellow co-hosts by implying that Haley was putting on an act and that emotions were fakery.

“The operative word is ‘authentic,’ for me. And I think Nikki Haley has been inauthentic from day one,” Hostin opined. “She has flip-flopped. She rose her hand and said that she would vote for Trump, which I thought was disqualifying then. She has refused to not say that she would not — to say that she would not endorse him,”

“She had the slavery gaffes over and over again. This is a woman what I don’t find authentic at all,” the race-obsessed co-host remarked about Haley’s temporary lack of fealty to the left’s bogus narrative about slavery, a practice that was abolished over a century and a half ago.

“I was just referring to this moment by the way,” said co-host Sara Haines, referring to Haley’s memorable moment, to which Hostin shot back, “I’m referring to this moment too.”

“You don’t think that was a real emotion?” Haines asked, as a confused-looking Joy Behar also asked, “You don’t think it was real?”

Alyssa Farah Griffin jumped in, “Her husband is serving in counterterrorism in Africa.”

“I think that there’s something that military families do go through. I come from a military family as many of us do, and I don’t trust her authenticity and…,” Hostin said, defending her opinion.

“But you trust that is your husband was gone and my kids were missing – She was saying ‘I wish my kids could see him tonight.’ You know how that feels,” countered Haines.

“No, I didn’t feel that it was authentic and I didn’t trust it,” Hostin said, doubling down on her observation of the candidate who outside of the media, has convinced absolutely nobody that she’s a viable alternative to Trump.

Hostin then said, “And the other thing is, her approval ratings went up when her husband was attacked and she stood up for him. And so I read into that moment: if I now throw in a little tear, my approval ratings will go up again,” leaving the harpies at the table clucking.

Haley has gotten lots of mileage over her indignant huffing about Trump’s disrespect for Major Michael Haley of the South Carolina Army National Guard who is currently deployed in Africa.

Chris Donaldson


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