NY union leader reveals massive political swing within the ranks: Democrats pushed us to the other side

A top New York union leader revealed on Thursday that his union members aren’t feeling the Democrats anymore.

Speaking with the media after having met with former President Donald Trump, Steamfitters Local 638 boss Bob Bartels said his union workers are looking to support Republicans in the 2024 race because they’re sick of the Democrats’ policy prescriptions.

“In the past, we are basically Democrats, all of us,” he said. “And after what’s happened in the last four years in this country, the Democrats are basically pushing everybody to the other side. We’re a very patriotic group, and we love our country, and we want the best for America.”

“We’re tired of immigration, we’re tired of our tax dollars going to immigration, we’re tired of the crime. We need to put a handle on things in this country and bring it back to how it should be,” he added.


Appearing later on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” he revealed the results of an internal Trump/Biden poll he’d taken.

“I put out a poll in my union,” he said. “President Trump is leading Joe Biden 3 to 1 on my presidential poll out of my 9,000 members right now. We are very tired of the situation with groceries, inflation, gas prices, illegal immigration, crime. We’re living it every day in New York City.”


One of the construction workers at the site where all this happened pretty much summed up how he and all his colleagues feel about current President Joe Biden.

Asked by a reporter if he had a message for Biden, the union worker said, “F– you.”

Listen (*Language warning):

All this comes after Trump visited a Manhattan construction site Thursday, prompting massive cheers from thrilled union workers.

Trump greeted the throngs of supporters at the site, shaking hands and giving autographs. He received an amazing outpouring of affection and took questions from reporters before heading to court.


Because of all the love he received, Trump was convinced that New York is now in play in the  2024 race.

“I’m going to make a play for New Yorkers,” he told reporters. “They said, I just heard, there was a very good poll that came out. Normally, a Democrat will win New York.”

“Biden is the worst president in history. We have some very bad people here, but we have the greatest people and they’re right behind me. They all want us to run, and we’re going to run very hard in New York,” he added.

While at the construction site, Trump reportedly handed out a document to union workers titled, “Union Workers Paying the Price for Biden’s Failed Economic Policies,” that claimed Trump will ban Chinese and foreign ownership of critical US infrastructure if he’s re-elected. It also said he’ll cancel President Joe Biden Biden’s electric vehicle mandate.

The electric vehicle mandate in particular has enraged union workers nationwide — and justifiably so.

In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal published last August, Linda McMahon of the Center for the American Worker and James Sherk of the Center for American Freedom argued that the mandate will “kill union jobs.”

“Forcing Americans to buy electric vehicles means that many [union]-represented parts and assembly plants will close,” they wrote. “Those that remain will employ far fewer workers. These job losses have already begun. Stellantis (which owns Chrysler) recently announced layoffs for thousands of union jobs as part of its electric transition.”

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