NYC live portal to Dublin shut down after woman flashes her ‘homegrown potatoes’

A woman known for licking a toilet seat caused a transatlantic stir when her latest stunt involving “homegrown potatoes” was suspected of shutting down The Portal.

“Can we just have something nice for once…”

Mere days after an art installation was setup connecting New York City’s Flatiron District with Dublin, Ireland, via a 24-hour livestream, inappropriate behavior on either side of the pond had given rise to calls for some form of preventative measure.

Among those offering indecent contributions was a young woman in the business of a provocateur who took credit for a temporary disruption of The Portal after she flashed the Emerald Isle.

“So I just got The Portal from New York City to Dublin shutdown,” said the frequently scantily clad social media personality Ava Louise. “I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see my two New York homegrown potatoes.”

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After the OnlyFans stunt garnered mixed reactions from the people of Ireland, she shared a response from a representative of the Lithuania-based Portal Organization who spoke with her boyfriend while she fled. The installation worker explained, “Most likely it’s gonna be off for quite some time because we have, you know, some rules and regulations…it’s very unfortunate that people are acting not in the best way.”

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Louise’s Sunday stunt was hardly the first to draw criticism as she’d been among those participating in a disturbing trend at the onset of COVID where people filmed themselves licking things as part of a challenge as concern over the virus swept the world.

While one man was seen licking products in a store, an act that led to a second-degree terrorist threat charge, she had posted a video of herself touching her tongue to a toilet seat aboard an airplane.

The “potato” flasher wasn’t alone in startling and inappropriate behavior.

According to RTÉ News, on the Irish side of The Portal, a number of the installation’s visitors had caused problems for images presented to the people of the Big Apple. In addition to individuals mooning the livestream, some had reportedly waved swastikas and a picture of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001 while others had held up pornography close to the camera.

“We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming days with our partners in New York to ensure that Portals continue to deliver a positive experience for both cities and the world,” stated Dublin City Council as they were working to address the incivility on their side.

Speaking with The Telegraph, The Portals Organization’s head of partnerships Nicolas Klaus addressed the effort to find the “balance” for people to “freely meet one another.”

“However, there are some activities that need to be addressed like people getting very up-close to the camera,” he said. “We have some ideas on that.”

Meanwhile, reactions to the indecent exposure and other troubling displays had social media users lamenting, “This is why we can’t have nice things… always something.”

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