NYC Mayor Adams has a sit-down with drug dealers ‘having it their way’ at Burger King near city hall

Critics are raising questions over New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ decision to have a pow-wow with some reported drug dealers.

The story begins last Sunday when the New York Post published an exclusive story about a Burger King blocks from City Hall.

According to the Post, the Burger King is being sued by a neighbor who says all the drug dealers and junkies who hang out at the restaurant have turned the neighborhood “into an open air drug bazaar.”

“A group of eight to 10 ‘professional drug dealers’ are allegedly having it their way at the BK at 106 Fulton St., near Dutch Street, which they use as a ‘base of operation, selling illegal drugs either at the entrance . . . or during inclement weather, selling illegal drugs within the Burger King restaurant itself,'” the Post reported, quoting from the suit.

Here’s where the story takes a wild turn: Just a day after the Post published its scoop, Mayor Adams showed up outside the restaurant in a black suburban, invited all the drug dealers and other goons inside, and then proceeded to have a pow-wow with them.

“[Adams] even apparently offered them jobs — and was offered ganja  [marijuana] himself,” the Post reported, citing a witness.

“They sat there for a solid hour,” the witness said.

The police were also present reportedly blocking bystanders from snapping photos of the meet-up.

After the meet-up, the group all walked outside, where Adams was then overheard telling one of his assistants to find the drug dealers and loiterers “something within the service that can help them.”

According to the witness, one of the drug dealers then offered his goods to the mayor, saying, “No weed for you, sir?”

“Eh, pass,” the mayor reportedly replied.

The drug dealers were reportedly thrilled by the visit.

“Someone walked by and heard them say, ‘Our stock just went up,’” a witness told the Post.

Local residents meanwhile were beyond annoyed.

“It’s ridiculous — we’re complaining about the craziness out there, and [Adams] went and hung out with them for an hour,” one local said. “Crazy.”

Speaking with the Post after the meet-up, a City Hall spokesperson slammed the drug dealers for their reported behavior.

“The behavior described in the complaints at the Burger King on Fulton Street will not be tolerated,” the spokesperson said.

As for Adams, the spokesperson refused to confirm what exactly he’d spoken to the drug dealers about.

“Mayor Adams personally stopped by this past weekend to see the situation on the ground and hear from employees, patrons, and locals,” the spokesperson said. “The 1st Precinct has been and will continue to be responsive to community complaints.”

The wider public meanwhile was anything but impressed by Adams’ meet-up, with many critics bashing him for breaking bread with the bad guys instead of arresting and prosecuting them.


Vivek Saxena


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